Engineers, Scientists, BBQ and Bluebonnets

By Rebecca Geier | Co-Founder and Brand Strategist

One of the great parts of working at TREW Marketing is having the opportunity to work with the world's leading engineers and scientists. We get the inside track on the coolest research being done and technologies being developed as we work to create smart ideas to promote these innovations.

And they are not only the world's best, they also know how to have fun.

Last weekend was a great example of this as my family and I enjoyed a day at the ranch of Dr. Tinsley Oden with his science and engineering students and faculty from UT Austin's Institute for Computational and Engineering Sciences (ICES) for the Annual ICES Picnic in the Texas Hill Country.

Dr. Tinsley Oden and TREW Principal Geier talking at the annual picnic.

The picnic was tons of fun, with hiking trails, fishing in the ranch lake full of bass (no bites, unfortunately!), country music and dancing, and plenty of Texas BBQ. It was also a spectacular day and venue to enjoy the Texas wildflowers. With the combination of record drought, followed by record rainfall in this region, the crop of bluebonnets this year is outstanding.

Here are a couple of great shots taken at the ranch:

Texas bluebonnets on the Oden Ranch road.

Picture 3

Thank you to Dr. Oden for inviting my family and I to be a part of the Annual ICES Picnic. It's rewarding to work with such smart, collaborative, and supportive scientists and engineers, and it's pretty special when they become your friends too.

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Rebecca Geier

Co-Founder and Brand Strategist

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