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Meet the TREW Crew

We are a tight-knit group of marketing professionals who care deeply about building trust and delivering results. By working with the TREW Crew, you can tap into our expertise in marketing to engineers, and bring in experienced specialists across marketing channels. We share a deep appreciation for the contributions scientists and engineers have made on society, and it is an honor to support their efforts by promoting their innovations in a smart, effective, and measurable way.

The TREW Crew and You

We selectively hire experienced marketing professionals who have the ability to not only understand what you do, they become genuinely excited about the difference your company makes in the world.  As a TREW client, you will have one primary point of contact who is reponsible for understanding your business, achieving shared marketing goals, and overseeing your project implementation team. By working with TREW, you have the ability to tap into our expertise marketing to engineers, and experienced specialists across media channels. We care deeply about your success, and routinely conduct customer satisfaction surveys to assess the health of our partnership, ensuring your needs (and ours!) are met.

With a passion for engineering, a love of marketing, and a foundation of trust, TREW was founded in 2008 over long runs and longer happy hours. Learn more about us. 

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