Julia Holliday

Account Manager

Julia joins the TREW Crew with a unique client perspective. As a former client, she worked with TREW to guide her employer through a brand evolution combining two 50-year-old brands, which increased their website traffic by nearly 300% in one year. As part of this rebranding, she helped to rebuild brand trust and establish and implement the company’s first ever marketing strategy. A one-woman team – Julia handled all aspects of her company’s marketing strategy including brand management, content marketing, SEO, social media promotion, and event management.

Julia has extensive experience collaborating with engineers and other professionals in creating and translating technical material into content easily understood by audiences in the form of slide decks, data sheets, brochures, blog posts, and white papers, as well as sales proposals and operator manuals.

Julia's areas of expertise include:

She also has experience in producing marketing videos, and in writing, recording, and editing software tutorial videos.

Julia lives in the Detroit area with her husband, Eric, and their dog Thelma Lou. In her free time, she likes to flex her creative skills with watercolor painting and digital design (among other crafts). She has not purchased a greeting card from a store since 2013 – they’re all handmade by Julia! She also enjoys kayaking, hiking, reading, listening to music, gardening vegetables, and critiquing font choices on restaurant menus.

Julia at Pedernales State Park


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