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Content Marketing 

Content is King of Inbound Marketing

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Traditional sales and marketing tactics, such as advertisements and trade shows, aren't as effective as they used to be. Today, successful engineering firms are using content to reach B2B technical audiences. 

Engineers and scientists are searching for information throughout the entire buying cycle, from the initial research “awareness” stage at the top of the funnel, to the “opportunity” stage at the bottom, where they make a purchasing decision.

Because the majority of the buyer’s journey happens before a prospect reaches out to your company, it’s important to carefully plan your content development, target it to your key personas, develop relevant themes and engage your target audiences through a consistent cadence of content development.

How Content Wins Business


 1. Engineer searches for solution.

A B2B technical buyer has a need and so searches for a solution using various words, phrases and even questions until he sees relevant results appear. Does your content get found?


 2. Content gets found online.

Your intriguing content is selected, and you earn a website visit. Your content is the deciding factor in successfully getting visitors to come to your website. Now you must keep engaging your buyer.


3. Content helps close business.

Your buyer continues to engage with your brand through content on your website. Through email automation, you can lead your buyer further down the buyer's journey until he's ready to talk with your sales team. 

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Content is the fuel that powers your marketing plan and takes you toward your goals.

Content is a critical component to any inbound marketing program. It’s how new people find your company’s website it educates prospects and compels them to continue to learn about and engage with you, and it ultimately builds trust between your business and your prospects and customers.

Get started with content marketing by downloading our Getting Started with Content Marketing: Year One Ebook. 

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A prospect received a referral to us from a well-known Boston technical institute.  The prospect then searched for us on Google and spent over 5 minutes on the site. While he most certainly would have contacted us from the reference alone, his ability to evaluate our capabilities online prior to making a call was part of his buyer’s journey.  When he called our project manager, he didn’t ask one question to “qualify” us.  He basically just passed along the scope of work for the project and said he wanted to get a proposal.”
- Keith Flaherty, President and CEO of Hallam-ICS

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Optimize Your Content for Search

B2B Content Marketing Strategy Topic ClusterB2B Content Marketing Strategy Topic Cluster

After researching engineers, we know that technical B2B buyers use search engines to find new vendors and products. If your website and content isn't optimized to perform well on search, you are losing out on business. To effectively reach new buyers online, you must put together a content marketing strategy that includes search engine optimization. 

TREW Marketing can help you brainstorm and plan your content marketing. We develop topic clusters and pillar pages--the latest SEO strategies--that bring new visitors to your website. With topic clusters, you can effectively develop content that fully covers your core service offerings.


Learn More About Topic Clusters 

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Make content king of your marketing strategy 

Smart, well-developed content is key when coming up with your company’s marketing strategy, but what qualifies as smart content? This is content that is targeted towards your key personas, has relevant themes, and engages your target audiences through a consistent cadence of content development.

Our Content Marketing Kit offers a checklist that allows you to build a content marketing plan that will attract visitors to your site and move them through your sales funnel.

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Lead Nurturing Made Easy with Marketing Automation

Platinum_Badge-2Once you build up a foundation of content targeted to your buyer personas, you should shift your focus to automating your marketing processes. Much like adding automation to the plant floor, marketing automation allows you to build workflows that send appropriate marketing content to prospects at each stage of the buyers journey. As a certified partner of HubSpot marketing automation software, we help you get started and maximize HubSpot tools to work smarter (not harder) to reach your marketing goals.


Promote Your Content with Email Marketing

email marketing pucEmail marketing has grown to become a direct marketing activity that businesses use to connect with their prospects and customers. The benefits are numerous:

  • Efficient – the digital format allows you to change and tweak until you hit send
  • Cost effective – no expensive postage or printing required
  • Easy to measure – collect data to your heart’s desire
  • Learn and tweak – with data, it's easy to make tweaks and improvements for future campaigns


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