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Engineers and scientists are searching for information throughout the entire buying cycle from the initial research “awareness” stage at the top of the funnel to the “opportunity” stage at the bottom, where they make a purchasing decision.

Because the majority of the buyer’s journey happens before a prospect reaches out to your company, it’s important to carefully plan your content development, target it to your key personas, develop relevant themes, and engage your target audiences through a consistent cadence of content development.


  • Personas development
  • Content plan along the buyer’s journey
  • Keyword analysis
  • Content writing, optimized for search
  • Amplification plan across channels
  • Content scorecard to measure ROI


“A prospect received a referral to us from a well-known Boston technical institute.  The prospect then searched for us on Google and spent over 5 minutes on the site. While he most certainly would have contacted us from the reference alone, his ability to evaluate our capabilities online prior to making a call was part of his buyer’s journey.  When he called our project manager, he didn’t ask one question to “qualify” us.  He basically just passed along the scope of work for the project and said he wanted to get a proposal.”

- Keith Flaherty, CEO, Hallam-ICS                             Read More


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