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Content Marketing, Engineered

Build Trust and Convert Buyers with Technical Content


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Engineers and Technical Audiences Think Differently


Content Marketing, Engineered gives engineering and technical companies the framework and guidance needed for content marketing. Written for the isolated, single-person marketer,  marketing leaders with teams,  and engineers undertaking new marketing efforts, this book puts decades of marketing to technical audiences and years of formal research into a practical guide that includes:

  •  Building specific audience personas and brand messaging
  •  Planning, creating, publishing, and promoting content
  •  Engaging sales and measuring ROI


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Meet the Author


Since co-founding TREW Marketing in 2008, Wendy has helped hundreds of technical companies build trust and fill their pipelines using compelling, technical content and results-driven marketing plans.

In 2020, Wendy published Content Marketing, Engineered, a book that gives engineering and technical companies the framework and guidance needed for content marketing. And, she launched the Content Marketing, Engineered podcast to share interviews with technical marketing leaders.


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Eric Starkloff

"For the last decade, Wendy has helped technical B2B companies successfully implement marketing programs that impact the bottom line. She understands the important nuances needed to develop content that really connects with engineering buyers. This book is a valuable and practical guide for organizations looking to start or strengthen their marketing efforts with a clear, content-based approach that's executable and measurable."


Eric Starkloff | CEO | National Instruments

Jose Rivera

"Wendy Covey’s extensive background with engineering-centric companies makes her an authority in the field and she’s captured her expertise in this book to help you define and target your market with planned, measurable content and offers.”


Jose Riveria | CEO | Control System Integrators Association

Josh Doty

"Wendy delivers practical guidance for middle-market companies looking to grow their business through content marketing. The presentations and workshops delivered by her and the TREW team helped to fuel sustained channel partner growth at ANSYS—this book now makes the same critical information accessible to companies across the globe.”


Josh Doty | Global Partner Director | Ansys


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