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Content Marketing, Engineered

Technical audiences think differently. This new book helps marketers learn their journey, earn their trust, and win their business.

Content Marketing, Engineered gives engineering and technical companies the framework and guidance needed for content marketing.


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The book guides business leaders and marketers through a proven, end-to-end content development process — from identifying who to write for and what to write, to writing, publishing, promoting, and measuring compelling content that turns curious prospects into customers.

"For the last decade, Wendy has helped technical B2B companies successfully implement marketing programs that impact the bottom line. She understands the important nuances needed to develop content that really connects with engineering buyers. This book is a valuable and practical guide for organizations looking to start or strengthen their marketing efforts with a clear, content-based approach that's executable and measurable."

Eric Starkloff
CEO, National Instruments

"Wendy delivers practical guidance for middle-market companies looking to grow their business through content marketing. The presentations and workshops delivered by her and the TREW team helped to fuel sustained channel partner growth at ANSYS—this book now makes the same critical information accessible to companies across the globe.”

Josh Doty
Global Partner Director, ANSYS

“When you're selling technical solutions, it's critical that your marketing expertise comes from someone who knows the nuances of your audience. Wendy and her team at TREW Marketing used the content-based framework outlined in this book to help us implement an inbound marketing approach fueled by quality technical content. Through this methodology we've consistently generated technical leads and built trust with prospects, helping Vertech to grow our business.”

Titus Crabb
President, Vertech Industrial Systems

“Technical audiences have the opportunity to better understand their markets and position solutions to meet the emerging needs of their clients and prospects. From a marketing perspective, this requires significant work to develop an offer with a clear foundation of the company’s brand and associated value proposition. Wendy Covey’s extensive background with engineering-centric companies makes her an authority in the field and she’s captured her expertise in this book to help you define and target your market with planned, measurable content and offers.”

Jose Rivera
CEO, Control System Integrators Association
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About the author, Wendy Covey

As the CEO and co-founder of TREW Marketing, Wendy Covey is an executive marketer who believes content marketing is the answer to struggling sales pipelines. She is best known for creating ROI for technical companies through content marketing.

Wendy is the host of the Content Marketing, Engineered podcast, speaker at many industry events, and the author of Content Marketing, Engineered, releasing in May 2020. Wall Street Journal named Wendy one of the 10 most innovative entrepreneurs in America.

The power of an entire technical marketing team in your hands. Order your book today!