Growth-Driven Design: A Smart Way to Think About Web Design

A well-designed website is essential to online success. With a Growth-Driven Design (GDD) approach, TREW designs your site in phases using an agile approach and creates a “launch pad” site within 6 weeks. From there we can:

  • Measure the impact of the new design and evaluate user behavior and data
  • Iterate on your design and content monthly based on real-time user behavior of your target personas
  • Flesh out your site, making small, incremental changes such as landing page optimization, word choice changes, CTA buttons, premium content placement, etc.
  • Build a prioritized wish list of additional items you would like to implement into your design in response to new changes to your business or desired functionality 

Four Benefits to a Growth-Driven Design Approach:

  1. No more guessing about which design will drive desired results and increase conversions and leads
  2. Sales and marketing collaboration. The data gathered from ongoing website analysis is produced by your marketing team, and includes data from your sales team — leading to a more informed strategy and an optimal user experience
  3. Lower entry costs. Monthly retainer costs for ongoing design iterations and support are more budget-friendly than the tradtional large one-time payment on top of additional on-going support costs
  4. You can apply this approach to both of our web platform — Word Press or HubSpot COS

To learn about web marketing best practices, read TREW Marketing's ebook, Smart Marketing for Engineers: Website Redesign

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