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What is HubSpot?Flywheel-Graphic-Final

HubSpot is inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.

Buyers are taking control. They're tuning out old-school marketing and sales tactics that are impersonal and interruptive.

To succeed in generating qualified leads and converting them to sales, you must commit to a methodical inbound marketing program that attracts the high-quality leads you are seeking.

Successful B2B inbound marketing programs include website strategy, marketing automation, content creation, landing pages, social media, lead nurturing, SEO, CRM, and marketing analytics. With HubSpot, all of your inbound marketing and sales programs are housed on one platform. Not only does this make your job easier, it also gives you powerful analytics in one place. 

The Inbound Methodology 

Demonstrated in the "flywheel" below, inbound marketing helps you attract, engage, and delight your customers. 

HubSpot Flywheel 2018  

Here’s how we think about each stage:

Attract: This is where prospects enter your flywheel and interact with your company for the first time. Our commitment is to provide value before we extract value from those prospects.

Engage: At this stage, engage prospects that are interested in becoming customers. Our commitment is to make that decision making and purchasing process as easy as possible.

Delight: Finally, new customers have the potential to become promoters of your company. Remember that customer success is your success. Our commitment is to ensure our customers see success with HubSpot.

To determine the health of your flywheel, ask yourself two questions:

  1. What investments are we making at each stage of the flywheel?
  2. How are we measuring the success or failure of those investments?
Growth Platform Overview V3

Grow Your Business With HubSpot 

Successful B2B companies use inbound marketing to get found online by prospects then educate visitors on their products and services. With HubSpot, you can leverage inbound marketing to attract and engage buyer's so they become customers and eventually promoters. Learn how you can use HubSpot to market and sell your products and services by downloading our free guide.

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 "Over the last several years, we’ve invested in our marketing foundation and shifted our investment from a mostly outbound approach with a heavy focus on trade shows to a more inbound approach focused on web and content marketing. As a result, our company has grown over 50 percent, and, today, the majority of our leads come from online sources."

-- Matt Eurich, President, Wineman Technology

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TREW and Our Clients Use HubSpot to Deliver High-ROI Results


As a Platinum Agency Partner, TREW Marketing helps companies get started and maximize HubSpot tools as part of an integrated marketing and sales approach to working smarter and reaching marketing goals.

Our CEO, Wendy Covey, was also named to the HubSpot Partner Advisory Council in 2017.

TREW Marketing HubSpot Services Include:

  • Start-Up Implementation for Marketing, Sales, and Web Content Management (CMS) tools
  • Custom Training
  • Contextual Marketing and Selling
  • Inbound Sales Workshop
  • Email Marketing and Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Scoring

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