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HubSpot Services
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HubSpot Services for Engineering Companies

Develop a seamless approach to marketing, sales and service.


Work Smarter with Hubspot

HubSpot's all-in-one software platform gives you powerful tools to create a memorable experience for your buyers, capture more leads, and drive efficiencies for your customer-facing teams. It's powered by a unified database, allowing a smooth handoff between teams and greater insight into buyer needs and behavior.

For each of the HubSpot Platform tools or "Hubs" listed below, TREW Marketing provides customized onboarding and training for new customers and maintenance retainers for those looking for long-term hands-on support.


Create a customized experience for your database.


Capture and nurture leads with powerful marketing automation.


Efficiently pursue opportunities and close sales with impactful tools.


Turn customers into promoters through remarkable customer service.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The HubSpot CRM unifies your marketing, sales and services databases. This where you manage contact and company information. Because the CRM also houses and integrates your customer-facing team databases, context can be shared between teams, such as web pages visited by a prospect or how many people from a company have interacted with you, and how often. 

Through our HubSpot onboarding and training service, TREW Marketing sets up your HubSpot CRM with your users, your customers, privacy laws and ongoing maintenance top-of-mind.

HubSpot contact record

Marketing hub

HubSpot supports your marketing goals through each phase in the buyer's journey, including blogging, SEO, email campaigns, social media management and reporting.

For companies needing more advanced capabilities, the Marketing Hub includes powerful marketing automation with workflows, lead scoring to better identify leads to pass to sales, an ABM tool set for both the marketing and sales teams, and flexible custom reporting.

It's no wonder that TREW Marketing uses the Marketing Hub for the majority of our client retainer engagements (and ourselves). We offer Marketing Hub implementation and custom training services, often as part of our Marketing Planning service. 

HubSpot Marketing hub email example

Sales hub

One of the most impactful ways to use HubSpot is during lead handoffs between marketing and sales. Lead scoring allows marketing to automate and elevate qualified leads. Sales can view all interactions the contact had with the company to date, accept the lead and begin work to pull them through the buyer's journey.

HubSpot supports sales in this phase through deal management, task management, email templates, a handy meeting scheduling app, and automated notifications. With Outlook and Gmail integrations, sales can accomplish a great deal of their work within the email tool they are most comfortable using. 

TREW Marketing provides Sales Hub onboarding and training services, often in conjunction with our Sales Enablement Strategy Workshop.



Your biggest promoters are normally your happiest customers, and vice versa. HubSpot service tools help you set your customers up for success with your solutions and address issues if they occur. These include a knowledge base tool, live chat, support ticket automation, and email sequences.

HubSpot also provides the ability to send and analyze customer surveys to measure your net promoter score and improve the likelihood of repeat business. 

TREW Marketing offers Service Hub onboarding and training services.

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 "Over the last several years, we’ve invested in our marketing foundation and shifted our investment from a mostly outbound approach with a heavy focus on trade shows to a more inbound approach focused on web and content marketing. As a result, our company has grown over 50 percent and, today, the majority of our leads come from online sources."
 Matt Eurich | President of WTI


HubSpot Delivers High-ROI Results for TREW And CLIENTS

As a Platinum Agency Partner, TREW Marketing helps companies get started and maximize HubSpot tools as part of an integrated inbound marketing and sales approach. 

We've been a partner since 2011 and have deep-rooted relationships with the HubSpot team. Our CEO, Wendy Covey, was tapped to serve as a founding member of the HubSpot Partner Advisory Council from 2017–2019.

TREW Marketing's Custom HubSpot Services Include:Platinum Partner Logo

  • Onboarding
  • Training
  • Support Retainers
  • Contextual Marketing and Selling
  • Email Marketing and Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Scoring


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