Saying No to Grow: How Focusing on a Niche Helps Businesses Thrive

By Stephanie Logerot | Inbound Marketing Manager

If you've made it to our blog, you probably know that here at TREW, we focus on retaining clients in the engineering space. This wasn't always the case, though! At Inbound 2016, TREW co-founder and COO Wendy Covey spoke to HubSpot about how we came to focus on a niche, which, although it may seem counter-intuitive, helped our business grow. 

We're not the only ones with this mindset - HubSpot also spoke with Camiel Freriks, owner and founder of Webs, as well as Ed Heil, owner of Storyteller Media and Communications, about their niche focuses and the businesses benefits they bring.

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Stephanie Logerot

Inbound Marketing Manager

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