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Introducing: The HubSpot Service Hub

The HubSpot Service Hub is a tool designed to help companies manage customer relations and keep conversations with a contact from marketing, sales and customer support all in one place.

The launch of the service hub marks a redesign in how companies manage the customer journey. Customer support and retention become key parts of the marketing and sales funnel, as opposed to by-products of it. In HubSpot, the CRM is at the center of all interactions with a contact as he or she travels from visitor, to lead, to opportunity, to customer, and it now continues tracking interactions as that relationship with the contact continues.

HubSpot services-framework-4

The new inbound service framework (HubSpot).


Features of the HubSpot Service Hub

1. Conversations Inbox

Moving left to right in the new navigation, we start with the inbox under conversations. This shared inbox lets your team track and respond to inquiries, essentially replacing a shared “support” email address.

HubSpot service hub inbox

Inbox also makes it easy to track conversations happening across multiple channels, including email and live chat. All these interactions are included in the customer record, helping your team manage interactions across channels and team members to deliver seamless service.

You have the ability to create a support ticket from the inbox as well. We’ll cover this feature of the service hub in just a bit.


2. Bots

One of the most exciting features of the service hub is the integrated bots tool. With bots, website visitors can interact with your website via automated chat. You can ask qualifying questions, provide resources based on visitor questions, create service tickets and even move an automated chat to live chat with an employee.

There are currently three options when setting up a bot, targeted to three common bot goals: support, lead qualification and meeting scheduling.

HubSpot service hub bot

Setting up a bot is very similar to setting up a workflow. You set various actions, and the contact moves through them as he/she interacts with you. You can add branches based on responses; set responses to match and integrate with contact/company properties; offer knowledge base articles (another service hub feature); create support tickets; transfer the chat to a live employee; and more.

HubSpot service hub bot 2


Online chat has many applications, so it’s no surprise that usage has been steadily increasing. Learn more about the power of live and online chat.


3. Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is under the service drop-down in the new navigation, and it allows you to easily send surveys to your customers to gauge satisfaction with your company.

Feedback Surveys Screenshot

There are four survey types- custom, support, satisfaction, and loyalty. Surveys can be delivered via email or, for loyalty surveys, via web page. The surveys use standard-worded questions, but you can customize follow-up questions, thank-you messages and recipients.

HubSpot service hub survey 2


4. Knowledge base

The knowledge base is a FAQ section similar to blogs. It features articles addressing common questions, organized by category and sub-category.

hubspot service hub knowledge base

These articles can then be used across channels by support teams (or bots) to answer customer questions. Each article has its own webpage, so they can also be linked to from webpages, blogs, and emails, as well as ranking in relevant search results.


5. Tickets

Last but not least- tickets. With tickets, you can track and manage support requests; report on requests; create tasks for team members; schedule and log meetings; and send surveys after the request has been completed.

The ticket set-up is very similar to deals. Each ticket has its own record with all activities, notes and associated companies/contacts/deals.

hubspot service hub ticket record

The overall tickets view is also similar to deals. You can view tickets as a list or view the whole pipeline in a board. Both views offer filtering options and search options to narrow own results, and the board view allows you to easily drag tickets from one stage to another.

hubspot service hub ticket pipeline


The service hub is an exciting offering that will help make the sales-marketing-service process seamless for your contacts. Learn more about service hub here.


Looking to learn more about HubSpot? Watch our HubSpot Demo webinar.

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