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A 15-Point Checklist to Evaluate Your B2B Technical Website

By Erin (Gleeson) Moore | Inbound Marketing Account Manager

Today, we're revisiting TREW Marketing's evaluation guide for B2B technical websites, a guide for technical business leaders marketing their products and services online. Available for download on our site, the checklist addresses 15 ways to grow the impact of your website, including expert tips on:

  • Clean designB2B technical website checklist
  • Intuitive navigational paths
  • Informative graphics
  • Clear company positioning
  • Compelling, succinct, and fresh content year-round
  • Landing pages that convert visitors to leads
  • On-page SEO actions to get found by your audience
  • Social media promotion
  • Lead nurture with email automation


The checklist guides you through how to create a better web experience for all visitors to your website no matter where they are in the buying cycle – those researching your business, learning more about your products and services, preparing to buy, or returning for another purchase. Prepared by TREW Marketing’s web specialists on strategy, design, usability, search engine optimization, content creation, and content management systems, this checklist is a comprehensive guide to help you grow the impact of your technical website.

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Erin (Gleeson) Moore

Inbound Marketing Account Manager

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