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TREW Teams Up with American Ceramics Society for Workshop

Like any good marketing team, we have our personas defined at TREW. While we have about six, there are four primary audience types we normally work with. One in particular is Murray, or more fondly referred to inside TREW virtual hallways as “Middle of the Road Murray”.

How to Create a B2B Marketing Plan that Drives Results

Updated August 15, 2017 There is a great saying many marketers use, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” Without a plan, how do you know what you need to do, in priority order, to get there? In busy times, it is difficult to take a pause from everyday work to stop, breathe, focus, and plan. Instead, many rush down any road that looks promising at the moment. Unfortunately, these unplanned roads lead to mediocre results and higher costs – in time, money, stress, and frustration.

Back to Basics: A 5-Step Guide to Annual SEO Maintenance

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the framework upon which your website is built. When used appropriately, it can help your website soar to success in organic search. When neglected or used incorrectly, it can render your website invisible to searchers across the web, cutting into your bottom line.

Part 2: 4 Steps to Develop Your Brand Message

This is part 2 of a blog series on brand positioning and messaging. In the first post, I explain the 10 steps to develop your brand positioning. In this next post, I explain how to use the positioning language to develop your brand messaging. It is recommended you read part 1 of this series before reading this post.

TREW Marketing Selected to Join HubSpot Partner Advisory Council

On the heels of marking our 5th year as a HubSpot Partner, we are honored TREW has been invited to join a select group of agency business leaders to form the first HubSpot Partner Advisory Council (PAC). This intimate group of 15 agency leaders is tasked with helping to shape the future of HubSpot’s Partner Program.

Case Study vs. Whitepaper: What’s the Difference?

Creating high quality, helpful content at a regular cadence is key to generating inbound leads for your technical business. Case studies and whitepapers are two of the most powerful and sought-after types of content by engineers, and both can help you generate technical leads for your business. But how do you decide on a whitepaper versus a case study, and what’s the difference?

Engineers’ Unique Search Habits Across Europe and the U.S.

Earlier this year, we conducted research with Elektor International Media into the search habits and content preferences of engineers across Europe. We also compared these results to a recent study conducted on U.S. engineers to see how habits and preferences aligned and differed between the two groups.

B2B Website Checklist: 6 Steps to Generate Leads

Your website serves many roles in your organization, from your company storefront, to a customer support resource, to a recruiting center, to name a few. From a marketing standpoint, it is the hub of all your activities and the main vehicle for generating leads and creating your online branding experience. It has the unique ability to serve as both an outbound and inbound marketing tool; as a way to communicate your brand image to your audiences; and as a response mechanism for prospects that are interested in learning more about your company, products and services. You can think of your website as a valuable, 24-hour-a-day employee in your marketing organization. As such, it’s always on, always ready to communicate your brand value, and always focused on generating leads.  

New Research: Search is Top Choice for E.U. and U.S. Engineers

We teamed up with Elektor International Media to study the value of content marketing; search and online preferences; and the buyer’s journey of engineers in Europe for our 2017 research report.

We’re Hiring: Inbound Marketing Specialist

Interested in joining the TREW Crew? We’re seeking an inbound marketing specialist to join our growing agency in Austin, Texas, focused in the B2B science, engineering and technology markets.