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Wendy Covey, TREW Marketing CEO, Named Forbes Agency Council Member

Covey’s inception comes with 12 years of leading a marketing agency for technical companies and successful launch of her new book, podcast, and on-demand training academy.

Building Your B2B Marketing Team

Though each company organizes its marketing team based on its unique culture, budget, and expected outcomes, there are three general approaches you can take:

Case Study: Knowles Precision Devices

It’s difficult to ignore the benefits surrounding an inbound marketing approach and the positive results it can produce for companies in engineering and technical industries. In this day and age technical audiences expect to access service and product information on vendor websites and social media channels, allowing them to research and draw comparisons before making a purchasing decision.

5 Signs that You Need Marketing Automation

You've probably heard about marketing automation, but you might not be sure your business needs it. In order to determine if you should make the investment, we should clear up what marketing automation is and is not.

13 Inbound Activities to Include in Your B2B Marketing Plan

More and more technical B2B companies are incorporating inbound marketing strategies into their integrated marketing plans. Inbound marketing strategies that are directly tied to business goals can be a methodical, proven, and cost-effective approach to building corporate awareness and credibility, and generating high-quality leads.

Tips to Gain Momentum with Inbound Content

How do I gain momentum with content marketing? A customer recently asked us this question as he was working with his team to implement content marketing. And it's a good one. For any organization, establishing a new system or process can seem daunting and time consuming. Many run lean, agile teams whose members already wear multiple hats and are stretched thin with current projects and tasks. Getting them inspired to add another hat and become a content subject matter expert, writer, and/or promoter may not be an easy sell.   

WordPress vs. HubSpot vs. Squarespace

My roots in website design and development began in WordPress ten years ago. Back then WordPress was the standard CMS solution. But through the years, other CMS options have changed the game. 

Best Practices in Using HubSpot for Sales and Marketing Alignment

In my previous role as the marketing manager for an engineering firm, I worked with TREW on a company rebranding, which included a new website that used HubSpot as both its marketing automation tool and its content management system (CMS). To get better acquainted with the tool, I attended one of HubSpot’s in-person training sessions. For the first three days of the classroom training, I learned how to use the tools in HubSpot’s Marketing Pro subscription. On the fourth day, I was joined by one of our vice presidents of sales for a Sales and Marketing Alignment training.

Introduction to Message Mapping for Effective Communication

A message map is a framework used to create compelling, relevant messages for various audience segments. It also serves as an organizational alignment tool to ensure message consistency. Whether you are launching your company, introducing the next big product, or preparing for other major marketing campaigns, messaging mapping is an important step in communicating effectively.

Introducing Content Marketing, Engineered Academy

We're excited to announced the launch of Content Marketing, Engineered Academy, a resource for B2B technical marketing training courses. The first course, Content Writing, Engineered, launches on August 3, 2020 and is available for pre-order today.

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