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Calls-to-Action: The Secret to Online Leads

I remember getting the advice to add a call-to-action (CTA) on a website that wasn’t performing well. I thought, isn’t it obvious that I want visitors to contact our sales team? Can’t they see our telephone number in the menu, footer and on our contact page? Why should I add a button when it’s clear that web visitors should fill out a contact form?

Live Webinar: New 2017 Research Report

New Research Shows Technical Content, Web Presence Vastly Influence Purchases in the Industrial Tech Sector FREE WEBINAR explains how to develop content and communicate with prospects to close more business

5 Steps to Set SMEs up for Content Creation Success

Over and over again, you’ve heard the importance of generating quality content that will increase website traffic, showcase your company’s expertise, and generate leads. However, in order to create valuable content that intrigues and informs potential clients, you must have valuable, specialized knowledge to offer them. That’s where your engineers, the subject matter experts (SMEs), come in.  Unfortunately, for most engineers, writing marketing content is like pulling teeth. They hem and haw and find every excuse to let the matter slip through the cracks. There are more important problems to solve and customers to address. Well, there are several key things you can do to set your SMEs up for content creation success. 

The Big News from INBOUND 2017: HubSpot Sales Professional

INBOUND 2017 was a packed four days of sessions, keynote addresses and meetings, accompanied by more than 21,000 of our closest friends and marketers. While we came away from the event with plenty of knowledge to share, we’d like to first address some announcements HubSpot made at the event about new products and functionalities. We addressed the new content strategy tool last week, so today we’ll look at a highly impactful change to an existing service: HubSpot Sales. 

Meta Description: What is it, how do I create it, and why do I need it?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key part of content creation, and one that is often neglected. Optimizing your content for search involves a combination of employing content best practices, such as identifying a keyword and using it in specific areas of a content piece, and technical best practices, including conducting backlink audits and setting up redirects for 404 errors.

2018 Trend: Keywords are Out, Topic Clusters are In

Since the beginning of search engine optimization, keywords have ruled when it comes to ranking on search engines. But changes to Google's algorithims and users' search terms has taken keywords out of style, with topic clusters replacing them. 

10 Questions When Creating a B2B Sales Enablement Strategy

Talented salespeople are highly valuable resources for your company, and you want to ensure that every hour they spend is applied in the most impactful way possible. A strong sales enablement strategy sets your sales people up to consistently sell more effectively. Companies that use sales enablement best practices are 50 percent more likely to achieve or exceed sales quota*.

Creating Content that Sticks: A Content Marketing Checklist

The majority of the buyer’s journey happens online before the prospect talks to sales, so it’s important to carefully plan your content development, target it to your key personas, and develop relevant themes. Here is a step-by-step approach to the key stages of developing your plan, with focus on your objectives and success metrics to prove return on investment. 

How to Create Content for the Technical B2B Buyer

Originally posted by Content Marketing Institute on August 30, 2017. The B2B buyer journey, particularly in the technical professional space, has transformed. At TREW Marketing, our engineer-centered research in North America and Europe has shown these trends: 

4 Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2017

Last week marked my first week on the TREW Crew. It also happened to be the week of Content Marketing World, so I packed my bags to take my first trip to Cleveland to experience Content Marketing World (another first).