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Calling all Engineers In Europe: How Do You Seek and Use Content In Your Work and Purchase Decisions?

We are looking for engineers in European countries to respond to our survey. Share your opinion with us and you could win €50,00 or a signed book!

How to Calculate Total Leads in HubSpot

For a long time, HubSpot lead reporting was the Moriarty to my Holmes. I relied on the "became a lead date" report, but the numbers never seemed to line up what I thought the total lead number should be. For example, let's say I was hosting a webinar and tracked 200 form submissions from the registration page. If I pulled the "became a lead date" report for the month in which I promoted the webinar, the number from that report was almost always significantly lower than the submissions I recorded from that form, which doesn't make sense at all, seeing as we see submissions from more than one form per month anyway.

Four Best Practices for Creating Effective Presentations

The marketing priority for small- to medium-sized B2B companies should always be to ensure they are utilizing the web and its global reach before all else. Yet the ultimate goal is to generate leads, create opportunities to engage the customer, and ultimately close the sale. Often this requires face-to-face meetings, product demonstrations, and targeted presentations. In order for your company to really shine at these prospect meetings, you need to be armed with a polished presentation that builds credibility, shows your experience, and conveys a memorable message that doesn't put people to sleep.

Happy New Year!

As 2016 comes to a close, we'd like to wish all of you a joyful new year. Here's to new beginnings and a 2017 that exceeds all your expectations.

Top 5 Blog Posts from 2016

At the end of the year, we like to look back and see which topics resonated most with our readers. Here are the most popular posts from this year.

Inbound Marketing in 2017: Where We're Headed

This post originally ran on Dec. 15, 2016 on Magnificent Marketing's blog.

Use It or Lose It - 6 Ideas for End-of-Year Marketing Spend

December is here and will quickly fly by. If you have marketing budget dollars to spend before the year's end, you are feeling the pressure. We've put together a list of quick, effective marketing investments for you to consider.

Happy Holidays! The TREW Crew Shares Their Favorite Traditions

Happy Holidays from the TREW Crew! It’s a special time of the year and we wish everyone a wonderful time with their friends and family. In light of this time of year, we wanted to share each of our favorite holiday traditions with you!

The 6 Grand Challenges of Marketing to Engineers

Marketing to engineers comes with a very unique set of challenges. If you can understand and master these, you'll build trust and ultimately beat out your competition to grow market share for your company.

Guest Blog: Berghof Teams with TREW to Implement Inbound Marketing Approach

Our company, Berghof, has been bringing engineering innovation to diverse markets worldwide for over 50 years. With growing market opportunities across eight sectors from automation and testing and plastics to environmental engineering, we needed to innovate in our marketing approach to capture this potential demand opportunity.