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Guest Blog: Berghof Teams with TREW to Implement Inbound Marketing Approach

Our company, Berghof, has been bringing engineering innovation to diverse markets worldwide for over 50 years. With growing market opportunities across eight sectors from automation and testing and plastics to environmental engineering, we needed to innovate in our marketing approach to capture this potential demand opportunity.

New Research - Part 1: When Engineers Want to Talk to Sales

The full study is available right here.  Engineers and scientists are solving the world’s grandest challenges and to do their jobs better, faster and cheaper, they need information they can trust, and products and services they can use. But engineers are naturally skeptical of marketing, so what do suppliers need to know to be attract the attention of this audience? And how do they effectively and affordably engage this audience with limited time and resources for marketing and sales?

Create Your 2017 Content Marketing Plan

Content is a critical component to any inbound marketing program. It’s how new people find your company, it educates prospects and compels them to complete lead forms, and it ultimately builds trust between your business your prospects and customers.

HubSpot Technology Stack Updates from INBOUND 2016

A few weeks ago I attended my 4th consecutive INBOUND 2016 conference along with TREW colleague Jennifer Dawkins. If you've ever been to a conference with 18,000 or so attendees, you may agree with my view that it can seem like an alternate universe! We managed to make it back home intact with stories to share and livers to nuture back to health. During the event HubSpot made their annual product announcements and we took many notes for your benefit.

Happy Thanksgiving from the TREW Crew!

We'd like to wish everyone a most happy Thanksgiving! May your day be filled with turkey, pie, and family togetherness.

Saying No to Grow: How Focusing on a Niche Helps Businesses Thrive

If you've made it to our blog, you probably know that here at TREW, we focus on retaining clients in the engineering space. This wasn't always the case, though! At Inbound 2016, TREW co-founder and COO Wendy Covey spoke to HubSpot about how we came to focus on a niche, which, although it may seem counter-intuitive, helped our business grow. 

Stop Sending Emails on Tuesday and Other Things I Learned at Inbound

After two decades of marketing, you pretty much know everything, right? The beauty of inbound marketing, though, is that you’re dealing with digital technology and human behavior – two things that are constantly changing. So there was a lot to learn at Inbound 2016. Here are a few of the things that surprised me, or that were just great reminders worth passing along.

What’s New, What’s Coming, What’s Important: Insight from HubSpot Founders

With more than 200 speakers and 19,000 fellow inbound marketers at HubSpot at Inbound 2016, there was a lot to learn and share. And even with tough competition like Ta-Nehisi Coates, Anna Kendrick, and Alex Baldwin, my favorite keynote was from the HubSpot founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, who talked about their insight and new developments in marketing and sales. Here are a few key points from that keynote that stuck with me.

Buyer Personas: 8 Questions to Help Profile Your Customers

During the marketing strategy phase, it’s important to know the different personalities that make up your target audience, what they care about, and what they need so you can communicate with them in the most relevant way possible.

Guest Blog: More Data on Engineers’ Buying Preferences

TREW Marketing’s recent study “Marketing and Selling to Engineers Through the Buyer's Journey” reports that more than 80% of engineers prefer to research vendor websites before talking to sales. My own research would suggest that could be an underestimate, at least in the specific case of engineers researching/buying automation system integration services.