Lead Generation for B2B Technical Audiences

Lead Generation for B2B Technical Audiences

This ebook provides a detailed, step-by-step approach for how you can make marketing work for your company.

How can we get marketing to do what it’s supposed to do – efficiently give us a consistent flow of high-quality leads to help fuel new sales opportunities and drive growth?  What kind of marketing will a skeptical, technical audience of engineers and scientists respond to?

ebook cover - Lead Generation for B2B Technical Audiences

Tailored specifically for technical B2B business and marketing leaders, Smart Marketing for Engineers: Lead Generation for B2B Technical Audiences is organized into seven chapters and provides clear steps to connect your prospects with your company’s solutions, including:   

  • Getting found online: Users research purchases and make decisions long before talking with a sales representative; it is imperative that your offerings be visible online
  • Generating leads with engaging content:  Offer free technical content to attract web visitors including technical white papers, ebooks, tutorials and a variety of other resources
  • Segmenting and nurturing leads for sales:  Build relationships with your prospects and move them closer to becoming sales-qualified leads
  • Measuring results and improving ROI: Monitor, evaluate and improve the performance of your marketing investments with these troubleshooting tips

We conclude with the “Math of Inbound Marketing" - powerful information about how to take business-level revenue goals and translate them into marketing objectives, actual ROI calculations for setting goals, two real example plans for inbound marketing, and considerations for doing it yourself vs. outsourcing.

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