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Research Webinar


2022 State of Marketing to Engineers

Reaching Technical Buyers in an Ever-Changing Environment

Watch GlobalSpec and TREW Marketing as they share important findings from their research on the content, online search, and buying preferences of engineers and technical buyers.

Each year our survey contains a mix of popular topics asked consistently to monitor trends, along with fresh questions that take a deeper dive into particular channels and buying behaviors. This year’s research examines valued sales behavior, LinkedIn interaction, and a few new webinar and podcast questions.

This research report is designed to help you better understand the information needs of technical buyers, giving you critical insight to guide your marketing plans in 2022 and beyond.

We look to answer questions including:

  • Where do engineers seek information to make purchase decisions?
  • How much of the buying process is spent online before engineers engage with sales?
  • What types of content are most and least favored by technical buyers?
  • What sales behaviors do engineers value most?


Wendy Square headshot_smallWendy Covey
CEO and Co-Founder
TREW Marketing


Wendy Covey is a CEO, technical marketing leader, author of Content Marketing, Engineered, one of The Wall Street Journal’s 10 Most Innovative Entrepreneurs in America. Over the last 20 years, Wendy and her team at TREW Marketing have helped hundreds of highly technical companies build trust and fill their pipelines through inbound marketing.


CJ HaightChristian Haight
Content Marketing Manager


CJ Haight is the Content Marketing Manager at GlobalSpec, where he focuses on creating and improving all customer-facing elements such as collateral, media kits, GlobalSpec’s Marketing Maven blog, social media presence, and websites. He is also a strong brand ambassador, making sure we are presenting our brand identity appropriately.