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- Case Study -

Gray Solutions

Strengthening Brand Authenticity through Content Development and Marketing Automation


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Gray Solutions, a subsidiary of Gray, Inc., isn't your average automation company. They focus on revolutionizing industries like food and beverage through cutting-edge solutions in robotics, automation, and digital transformation. Their team, creatively called "Solutioneers," tackles challenges with curiosity and ingenuity, helping customers achieve production efficiency, labor resiliency, and faster time-to-market. They thrive on pushing boundaries and embracing challenges that others run from.

Founded in 2018, Gray Solutions CEO, Walker Mattox, set out to shake up an industry that relies too heavily on inside-the-box thinking. The company initially found success on a world-class pet food operation. In 2021, they acquired Stone Technologies to expand their team and locations. Later that year, Control Engineering added them to their list of Top 20 System Integration Giants, and in both 2023 & 2024 Rockwell Automation named Gray Solutions as their System Integrator Partner of the Year.

Fueled by this growth, Gray Solutions built upon the equity of the Gray brand to stand out as a leading system integrator, bringing their unique internal culture and way of working forward to their external brand. From a bold new look and feel to a new modern website, Gray Solutions was committed to starting fresh with their marketing efforts.

The Challenge: 

When Gray Solutions embarked on a significant rebrand, they committed to rebuilding their marketing efforts from the ground up in less than a year, which included a new website, updated marketing and sales collateral, adding marketing automation technology, and initiating customer-focused content marketing campaigns.

The Solution: 

To provide Gray Solutions with all the content they needed for a successful launch on a tight timeline, we worked closely with SMEs for each business unit to develop content that served as the backbone of their new website and as a source for their team to efficiently develop a range of additional on-brand sales and marketing materials. At the same time, we implemented their new marketing automation tool, integrated with their existing CRM, to support future marketing efforts.


A Unique Approach to Content Development


To best meet Gray Solutions’ needs, we took a unique approach to content development. Since they were starting from scratch with their marketing efforts, our team created core content for each of their service areas. From this core content, their team and Web agency derived the materials they needed for their new website. They also had the ability to quickly and easily create additional content that was consistent in style, tone, and messaging across a range of sales and marketing materials including articles, emails, social content, and slide decks. This approach was extremely efficient and cost-effective for Gray Solutions and allowed for seamless collaboration between the teams at TREW, Gray Solutions, and their Web agency as we worked together to create a large amount of content on a tight timeline ahead of their brand launch.

After working with their subject matter experts to create this core content, we became well-versed in the various areas of their business, making it easier for us to continue to support their content development for specific campaigns and initiatives. As a result, once the core content was created, we also developed the following pieces:

  • Project profiles
  • Sales decks
  • Email nurture series
  • Contributed articles
  • Campaign narratives around specific customer pain points for various areas of their business
TREW Case Study_Gray Solutions 4

Leveraging Marketing Automation with HubSpot


Working in tandem with the content development portion of the project, we also helped set up the infrastructure for marketing automation by implementing HubSpot and integrating it with their existing CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365. The integration ensured two-way data sync for contacts, accounts, and opportunities eliminating the need for manual data entry in both systems. This not only saved time but also ensured data consistency across the platforms. This improved transparency across departments and empowered sales reps with richer contact data, ultimately leading to more targeted marketing campaigns and a smoother sales cycle.

With the foundation in place created by the HubSpot and Dynamics 365 integration, we were then able to leverage the power of HubSpot’s marketing automation features. We worked with their team to create internal workflows to manage leads, segment their database, and build custom reports so they can quickly access the metrics they care about most. We prioritized email marketing as the first area of focus, creating custom templates that matched their new brand. From there, lead nurturing began by implementing automated email workflows to key contacts.

As the Gray Solutions’ team grew more comfortable with HubSpot, we were able to expand into more advanced projects including segmenting contact form submission inquiries for annual tracking, implementing lead scoring, and managing campaigns.

TREW Case Study_Gray Solutions

Positioned for Success

Collaboration Fuels Long-Term Marketing Strategy


In the end, Gray Solutions implemented an incredibly successful rebrand on their target launch date. During this project, we had the opportunity to work closely with a number of their subject matter experts, providing us the opportunity to quickly become familiar with their services and way of working and positioning us well to support their marketing efforts long term.

TREW Case Study_Circle Frame Headshot_Melissa Geertz

"We were impressed by TREW's deep understanding of both industrial automation and the specific challenges faced by our industry. Their expertise was invaluable during the content development process, as they were able to translate complex technical concepts into clear, engaging content that's on brand and resonates with our target audience. The marketing automation tools they implemented have streamlined our marketing efforts allowing us to reach a wider audience with greater efficiency."


Melissa Geertz | Senior Vice President, Marketing | Gray, Inc


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A Masterclass in Rebranding with Authenticity

In this episode, Melissa Geertz, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Gray, Inc., shares the importance of authenticity to stand out in a crowded market, as well as insights on how Gray Solutions used the culture of the company to guide the branding process.


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