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Storytelling for Technical Brands

Five Steps for Creating a Better Brand

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Your brand story is the narrative of your company. It should describe the problems customers face, guide them to the solutions you provide, and show the results your solutions bring.

It’s easy to tell a story that's about you, but successful brands make their customer the hero, rather than their own products or services.

Morgan Square headshot_smallDuring this webinar Morgan Norris, Brand and Content Manager at TREW, will step through how technical firms can write a better brand story.

At TREW, Morgan's focus is communication. She combines a client's messaging, vision, and audience into clear, succinct copy to speak directly and effectively to an audience. Whether it's through web copy, brochures, corporate profiles, email marketing, or outreach to journalists, Morgan is constantly looking to understand a client's products and their prospective audience's needs to communicate clearly between the two.

During this webinar, Morgan will teach attendees:

  • What Brand Positioning and Messaging is
  • How to Develop Brand Positioning and Differentiators
  • Steps to Write Your Brand Messaging
  • Promoting Your Brand
  • Best-Practices and Case Studies

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