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TREW Marketing Creates Foundational Marketing Platform for PrimeTest Automation

Brand Messaging, Visual Style Guide, and Website Set Course for Test and Automation Company. 

PrimeTest Automation works with project engineers and managers who need a strong, proven firm to create automated solutions that will achieve greater throughput or higher quality. The company partners with customers to design, develop, and integrate efficient automation solutions for automotive, medical, and general manufacturing applications to meet clients’ specific yield and quality requirements. 

PrimeTest Automation takes a personal approach, working collaboratively with customers to understand production goals, imagine new possibilities, and evaluate all tradeoffs, often identifying and solving future problems during the design process. For each project, they craft a customized team of experts from full-time staff of engineers, designers, and software developers – including robotics, machine vision, mechanical, and electrical experts – to ensure the client has the right expertise.

For 15 years, PrimeTest Automation has successfully delivered solutions, but a desire to solidify their company brand and effectively communicate the distinct and successful way they work to attract the right customers, led the company to seek a marketing agency that could help them set a foundation. With TREW Marketing’s background working with engineers and specifically the test and automation market, as well as the company’s experience in creating foundational marketing platforms, the agency was a great fit for PrimeTest.


TREW Marketing worked with the leadership team at PrimeTest Automation to develop a new website, a positioning and messaging foundation, and a visual style guide. These projects would help streamline all outbound and inbound content with a strong message and visual identity while giving their internal team a unified focus and message.


TREW Marketing first worked with PrimeTest Automation to first create a design for their new web site. Goals for the web site were to improve navigation and user experience, make it easy for visitors to learn what PrimeTest Automation does, understand their core capabilities, and show proven examples of their work in target industries. 

The web development process helped the PrimeTest team identify the visual style (style elements, font and color selections, and imagery) that best represented their brand. These elements would later be solidified in the visual brand to inform all future print and digital content. 

Positioning and Messaging

Next, the team worked together to create differentiated messaging and a consistent way to describe their company, the distinct way they work, and the success they bring to customers.

Through this process, TREW Marketing conducted interviews with PrimeTest Automation customers, helping the company learn what was most important in their work, and ultimately helping the team identify and articulate the key differentiators that drive their business.

Visual Brand

TREW Marketing also created a defined visual style guide to inform their content and create consistency so that customers more easily identify PrimeTest Automation and its related collateral.

The style guide defines branding standards as well as templates for various collateral deliverables the company uses often (business cards, PowerPoint decks, letterheads, white papers, email signatures, and eNewsletters).  

Internal Alignment

To solidify internal alignment at PrimeTest Automation, TREW Marketing held an all-employee meeting where the team presented the messaging and style standards, and supported company leadership as they conveyed the importance of consistency in building their brand. 



Featured Work

Website Redesign


Branding Style Guide

“The way that TREW worked with our customers to understand their experience truly helped us build our brand message to show our strengths and communicate in a way that resonates with what matters most to customers in our specific market.” 

– Steve Benvenuto, PrimeTest Automation


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