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Marketing Planning
- Annual Marketing Planning
- Campaign Planning
- Product Launch Strategy

Brand Marketing
- Brand Positioning and Messaging
- Rebrand and Acquisition Marketing
- Brand Identity and Creative

Content Marketing
- Content Planning
- Technical Writing
- Content Promotion and Advertising


Website Services
- Website Strategy
- Technical Web Content
- Corporate Web Pages

HubSpot Services
- HubSpot Onboarding + Training
- HubSpot Audits + Optimization
- Marketing, Sales, CMS and Service Hub

Sales Enablement
- Sales Enablement Strategy
- ABM Strategy
- Thought Leadership Content

Education: Marketing for Engineering Companies

Become a better marketer today.

Technical B2B marketing RESOURCES

The TREW Crew has decades of experience marketing to technical audiences, and have created resources to help engineers tasked with marketing efforts, marketers working with limited resources, and leaders of large internal marketing teams to:

  • Get started with content marketing
  • Scale existing content marketing efforts
  • Train and align internal marketing departments
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Ebooks, Webinars, and Research

Ebooks, Webinars, and Research

Free resources in topics including website design, content planning, and annual research on technical audiences.

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CME book



Content Marketing, Engineered is an end-to-end guide to help you Build Trust and Convert Technical Buyers with Compelling Content.

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Content Writing Course with Coaching

On-Demand Training

The Content Writing, Engineered Course is a premium, guided course with weekly coaching sessions. Participants learn and grow writing skills and finish the course with a completed content piece.

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Weekly episodes with engineering leadership and marketing experts about growing technical companies with marketing.

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Wendy Covey equips audiences in technical storytelling, content throughout the buyer's journey, working effectively with sales, and measuring marketing ROI.

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Onsite workshops that provide in-depth focus on a particular aspect of marketing, specific market campaigns, or a competitive situation.

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EXPLORE: Marketing Resource Center

Need advice or tactics for a specific topic? Browse our resource center for a collection of free ebooks, webinars, and research that will guide you through marketing topics including creating a marketing plan, launching a new product, designing a website, and more.


In addition, case studies in the resource center share how TREW has helped clients navigate tough marketing challenges.



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read: A guide to content marketing for Technical Audiences

Valuable engagements with technical buyers require a way of thinking that’s beyond what traditional B2B marketing tactics offer. With Content Marketing, Engineered, learn a tactical approach to content marketing for technical audiences.



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CME book

Attend: Content writing course and coaching


Content Writing, Engineered packages decades of technical content development expertise into a 5-week course. With guided weekly lessons and weekly group coaching.

Through the courses, participants learn how to plan, write, publish, and promote content to build their company's brand into a trusted resource.

Ideal candidates for this course are:

  • General marketers or corporate communications professionals tasked with many aspects of marketing who need a proven process for content development
  • Marketing teams that need to level-up content planning, writing, reviewing, and promotion 
  • New hires who need to get trained quickly and efficiently with constant feedback 


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Listen: Content MarketinG, EngineereD Podcast

Join Wendy Covey, TREW Marketing’s CEO and co-founder, as she sits down with marketers, innovators and company leaders to hear their stories about marketing to technical audiences.

The Content Marketing, Engineered Podcast shares the inside scoop on what it takes to reach skeptical, demanding technical buyers, along with first-hand tips and tricks for getting the most out of your marketing program.  


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ENGAGE: Wendy covey, a Marketing Expert for Your Next Event

Over the last 20 years, TREW Marketing CEO Wendy Covey has helped hundreds of technical companies build trust and fill their pipelines using compelling, technical content.

Whether for technical executives that are unsure where to start or how to invest in content marketing, or marketers struggling to produce content and execute strategy, Wendy engages and entertains an audience with her technical marketing experience, educates with industry research, and equips with practical advice. 

Wendy's expertise has influenced leaders and teams at conferences like the ANSYS Global Partner Conference, NIWeek Alliance Conference, the HubSpot Global Partner Conference, and more. 


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Experience: Marketing WOrkshops

Our in-person or virtual workshops are designed specifically for teams interested in focusing on a particular aspect of their marketing program -- from planning a product launch to targeting a new market to dealing with a competitive situation or crisis. 


To request a workshop, submit the form on the next page. We'll contact you to confirm your workshop details.



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TREW Marketing's resources are designed to help you better understand content marketing,  kickstart your content marketing journey, or gain detailed tactics to support your existing marketing programs. 

If you need customized, consistent support and expertise – including brand development, content planning, content development, or a website redesign – explore the TREW Marketing services.


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82% of technical buyers rely upon vendor websites

To succeed with marketing programs, technical B2B companies must understand what content engineers consume, why they look for it, and how they find it.


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Smart marketing blog

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How to Create an AI Policy for Your Engineering Company

AI tools abound – But what does your company use? How do you use them? Is there anything that’s off limits?


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3 Ways to Improve B2B Content Writing Skills

When it comes to writing technical content, marketers often feel stuck – unsure how to know if their content will...

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How to Hire a Technical Marketing Manager

Often in small engineering companies, the marketing responsibilities are shared among a few technical staff.