We are committed to developing content for technical B2B business leaders and marketers selling to engineers and scientists, including our in-depth eBook series, Smart Marketing for Engineers.

Smart Marketing for Engineers: Lead Generation

Smart Marketing for Engineers: Lead Generation

Learn how to generate leads by developing a consistent cadence of high-value content to your key personas to fuel new sales opportunities and drive your business growth. You'll also learn what kind of marketing a skeptical, technical audience of engineers and scientists will respond to so you can attract them to your website and convert them into leads.


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Preparing For Your 12-Month Marketing Plan

Prep_for_12-mo_Mktg_PlanTailored to technical B2B business and marketing leaders, this ebook guides you through TREW’s proven marketing planning approach.


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Smart Marketing for Engineers:
Build Your Foundation

SMFE_Foundation_Revised.pngCreated for technical business leaders and marketers, this ebook delivers a smart, prioritized approach to develop, implement, and execute an effective and measurable marketing program.

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Smart Marketing for Engineers: Website Redesign

smfe-wr.pngYour website is your 24 hour-a-day/7 days-a-week sales machine. Learn best practices to ensure it is optimized to deliver a best-in-class user experience.


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Smart Marketing for Engineers: Product Launches 

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This ebook includes case studies of three diverse, successful product launches to provide a framework for developing your product launch plan and discusses how to position your product in the marketplace.

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