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We are committed to developing content for technical B2B business leaders and marketers selling to engineers and scientists, including our in-depth ebook series and targeted white papers.

A Guide to B2B Website Redesign


Your website is the hardest working, 24-hour-a-day employee in your marketing organization. It’s always on, and always ready to communicate your brand and value to your audience all over the world. But what if your website isn’t performing at its optimum level? This ebook, tailored to technical B2B business and marketing leaders, guides you through TREW’s proven website redesign process.


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How to Engineer a High-Performing Pipeline

Smart Pipeline Management WP  cover

Discover how sales and marketing teams can partner together to use inbound marketing techniques to fill and manage a growing pipeline. 


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Lead Generation for B2B Technical Audiences

Learn how to generate leads by developing and promoting a consistent cadence of high-value content in this ebook.



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Smart Marketing for Engineers:
Build Your Foundation

SMFE_Foundation_Revised.pngCreated for technical business leaders and marketers, this ebook delivers a smart, prioritized approach to develop, implement, and execute an effective and measurable marketing program.


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Preparing For Your 12-Month Marketing Plan

Marketing Planning New Cover Tailored to technical B2B business and marketing leaders, this ebook guides you through TREW’s proven marketing planning approach.



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Smart Marketing for Engineers: Product Launches 

Smart Product Launches WP  coverThis ebook includes case studies of three diverse, successful product launches to provide a framework for developing your product launch plan and discusses how to position your product in the marketplace.

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