Research Report: Smart Marketing for Engineers Europe

TREW Marketing and Elektor International Media Present New Research from Engineers/Scientists in the UK and Europe.

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The top 10 findings from the report include:

1. Search engines and vendor websites are the most valued content sources

2. Companies regularly producing content are preferred, especially by younger engineers

3. Engineers go deep on search engines: 30% go 4-10 pages, and more go 10+ pages than stop on page one

4. Most trusted content authors are engineering experts at vendor companies followed by trade editors

5. The three lead form fields engineers are most likely to complete:

  • Work email address
  • First name
  • Last name

6. Vendors should thank leads within 48 hours

7. Company websites significantly impact brand perceptions

8. The majority of the engineer’s buying process occurs online

9. Engineers prefer to search online and read available content before talking to sales

10. The majority have 3-4 interactions with a vendor before talking directly with them

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