Content Marketing, Engineered Podcast

If you are a marketer in a technical company, this podcast is for you.

On each episode, host, author, and TREW Marketing CEO Wendy Covey will breakdown an industry trend, challenge or best practice in marketing to engineers and like-minded technical buyers. You'll meet colleagues and industry friends who will stop by to tell you their stories along the way. Learn B2B content marketing strategies and tips to build trust and grow your business with technical content.

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Company Culture Communication

Learn how companies define, reinforce and promote their culture to recruit and retain talent.

ABM Readiness, Measurement, and Winning Tactics

Award-winning ABM strategist shares his decade-long journey with ABM and advice for getting started...

A Technical Leader's Inbound Marketing Journey with Matt Eurich

Coming up through the technical ranks to leading a business, how do executives ramp up and keep up...

Evolve Your Google Adwords Strategy with Glenn Schmelzle

The Google Adwords platform has grown tremendously in sophistication. Are you keeping up?

Communicating Through Body Language With David Schneer

What someone says may not always match what they think. Learn how body language can help you...

CMI Manufacturing Marketing Research Report with Lisa Beets

Learn from the latest research where to invest and pitfalls to avoid when crafting your 2022...

Context Matters: Writing for Engineers with Adam Kimmel

Understanding the context of why and who makes all the difference when writing for engineers and...

2021 Wrap Up and Look Ahead to 2022

Shifting strategy, LinkedIn, media and advice from technical marketers in the trenches were all...