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Context Matters: Writing for Engineers with Adam Kimmel

Understanding the context of why and who makes all the difference when writing for engineers and technical buyers.

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Adam Kimmel, Principal Technical Content Writer at ASK Consulting, spends his days boiling down highly technical information into consumable content targeted to specific audience personas.

In this episode, we cover a ton of ground -- from what behaviors make a technical writer successful to how to extract the right information from subject-matter experts. Aside from the numerous nuggets of advice, what struck me most is one word that kept creeping in throughout our discussion: context.

When interviewing a subject-matter expert (SME), it's important to contextualize why a solution is significant and where it fits into the broader market landscape. Data is great, but the context of why the data is significant (e.g. competitive comparisons, etc.) helps to demonstrate value and build preference. 

Your audience needs to first care about a topic, then be enticed to go deeper and learn more. Understanding the context of where your content piece fits into the buyer's journey helps you to position the material at the right technical level and build upon information served elsewhere.