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Takeaways from 346 Marketing & Sales Books

What recurring themes are found in 346 marketing and sales books?


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Douglas Burdett, Host of the popular Marketing Book Podcast, inhales one marketing or sales book every week. EVERY WEEK! He then interviews the author for what is typically a lively discussion around key principles or interesting take-aways from the book material.

After recording 346 episodes (and counting!), Douglas has noticed some important recurring themes across these books, including:

  • Marketers need to get into the revenue camp
  • Marketers and often do themselves a disservice by focusing on the wrong things 
  • Understand your customer by talking to them...directly
  • The experience your customers have with your company/solution is powerful marketing 
  • Buyers trust reviewers more than companies...and customers have a bigger voice than ever

Through his agency Artillery, Douglas works with manufacturers and industrial companies. He sees technical marketers making some critical mistakes in not understanding their customers, talking about themselves/their products too much, and having unrealistic expectations of marketing set against a long sales cycle. On the flip side, he praised engineer leaders working with marketing on their appreciation of the planning process, measurement and iteration, and the similarities of marketing and a system...both with many moving parts. 

During the episode you'll hear many references to helpful B2B books (go figure!) which are listed below with links to each.