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Moving to Google Analytics 4

Learn why GA4 is replacing Google's Universal Analytics platform, and what actions you need to take by July 1st to capture key reporting data.


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Keith Moehring, CEO of L2 Digital, is a marketing operations guru. When Google Analytics Version 4 (GA4) first released, I'm guessing Keith was first in the proverbial line to get his hands on the Beta. It made him the perfect guest to discuss why Google rebuilt its analytics platform and walk through key differences between Universal Analytics and GA4. 

One of the most exciting benefits we discussed was for content marketers. With GA4 you'll be able to measure how far someone scrolls on blog posts, long web pages, even video. This helps inform content/page length and where your call-to-action button should be placed.

Keith highly encourages marketers to add GA4 code to their site before July 1, 2022 so that they have a full year of data by July 1, 2023 -- the date that Google turns Universal Analytics off for good and everyone is on GA4. Otherwise your year-over-year data will look more like a "we used to measure X and now we measure Y but we didn't have Y last year so I don't know how we are doing" sort of thing. 

During the episode he walks through which specific actions to take now, and which ones can wait until closer to that 2023 date.