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Why B2B Companies are Adopting HubSpot

If you are considering what CRM to adopt, seeking marketing and sales technology, or a new website CMS platform then this episode is for you. We also walk through how the HubSpot platform has evolved over time.


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Andre Leonard, Inbound Marketing Specialist for TREW Marketing, spends much of his time helping clients onboard and be successful with the HubSpot platform. He and I field many questions about HubSpot,  from the history of the platform is to which features have the biggest bang for the buck.

In this episode, Andre and I walk through HubSpot's structure, exciting new features, and the inbound marketing model. Andre then dives into each Hub, providing highlights of our favorite features. We also talk pricing -- everyone's favorite topic!

The Hubs include:

  • CRM - the central connector for all hubs, where contact information is stored
  • Marketing - tools include email, social media management, landing pages, blogs, and workflows
  • Sales - tools include opportunity management, tasks, and tracking
  • Web CMS - drag-and-drop functionality with an inline editor, responsive rendering, and security
  • Services - tools include ticket management, surveys, and knowledgebase creation
  • Operations - easily integrate 3rd party applications