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Ramping Up in a New B2B Marketing Role

Starting a new marketing position at a technical B2B can be a daunting time. How can you ramp up and add value quickly?

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Alicia Keene, Inbound Marketing Specialist at TREW Marketing, has been the new marketer on the scene many times over. Through her experiences at an electronic components manufacturer and multi-client work at an agency, she quickly figured out that devoting time to learn and absorb in the early months will lead to higher quality and impactful work.

During the episode, Alicia walks through 8 key steps for a new marketer to follow when ramping up with a new technical B2B company. They include:

  1. Hear a company overview presentation
  2. Study the marketing plan and review key content and branding assets
  3. Review historical marketing content and collateral
  4. Research the industry and competition
  5. Research keywords and perform a content gap analysis
  6. Meet with technical subject matter experts (SMEs)
  7. Shadow your colleagues
  8. Be a sponge! Absorb information and ask questions

Be sure to catch the end of the episode with Alicia's advice for Marketing Managers who are planning to onboard new marketing staff.




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