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Content Marketing, Engineered Podcast

The Ins and Outs of B2B Podcasting with Alban Brooke

If you are thinking of starting a podcast for your B2B company, learn shortcuts to get started quickly from a fellow B2B marketer who is also a podcast host about podcasts. 

What Makes a Purchasing Agent Tick?

A key member of technical buying teams is the purchasing agent. Their content needs are quite different than engineer specifiers, but many marketers don't understand how to craft targeted messages to this unique persona.

Content Marketing, Engineered Academy

Hone your writing skills through an 8-hour, in-depth training course, the first of many offered by Content Marketing, Engineered Academy.

Getting Started with Content Marketing

Adopting a content marketing model can be a daunting undertaking. What are the most important activities in the first year, how do you measure success?

Be a Better Technical Content Writer with Lance Looper

Do you have what it takes to be an excellent technical content writer? Expert Lance Looper shares how resourceful conversationalists, trusted SME partners, and thorough-but-succinct composers are top on his team.  

Engage Potential Buyers with Webinars

Now more than ever, webinars are a fantastic way to engage potential buyers and grow your lead pipeline. Learn best practices and tips on how to get started or tweak your webinars for better performance.

Create High-Performing Technical Content with Peter Matthews

Content marketers focused in deeply technical industries have unique challenges, from breaking down the complex into the consumable, managing SME writing anxiety and striking the right educational/promotional balance...while making it all interesting. 

The Writer's SEO Toolbox with Tom Gerencer

Hitting it big in search results isn't luck. There is a methodical process behind writing optimized content, and it starts with empathy.  

Content Marketing, Engineered...the Book

Content Marketing, Engineered is now more than a podcast...it's a book too! Learn how this end-to-end guide helps marketers build trust and convert technical buyers with content.  

Account Growth Strategies with Sydney Sloan

This episode explores emerging and tried-and-true strategies to target key accounts to grow adoption, increase revenue, and form strategic-level relationships.

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