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1 min read

The Power of Developing a Personal Brand in an Industrial Sales Role

As an Industrial salesperson, how does your audience perceive you and interact with you online? Is it the same experience they would have in person? On this episode of Content Marketing, Engineered, we discuss how to develop and hone in on your personal brand to become an approachable and sought-after resource.


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In this episode, I welcome back Morgan Norris, Senior Brand Strategist at TREW Marketing. We delve into the world of personal branding and specifically, how people in sales and marketing roles can utilize this strategy to become a go-to and trusted resource. Personal brand is as an individual's identity and reputation both online and in person. We talk about how personal branding fosters trust and loyalty among customers.We also discuss how to define and enhance a personal brand by identifying your strengths. The conversation also covers how personal branding should align with your company's corporate brand.


  • Personal branding is essential for salespeople to establish themselves as trusted resources
  • Identify your strengths and what sets you apart from others to define your personal brand
  • Align your personal brand with your company's brand, but also maintain your own unique tone
  • Imagery and visual cues can enhance your personal brand
  • Use AI tools to brainstorm ideas, but ensure that your personal brand remains authentic
  • Start with small steps like posting on LinkedIn, commenting on posts, and creating videos

Wendy Covey

Wendy Covey is a CEO, a technical marketing leader, author of Content Marketing, Engineered, one of The Wall Street Journal’s 10 Most Innovative Entrepreneurs in America, and she holds a Texas fishing record. She resides in a small Hill Country town southwest of Austin, Texas, where she enjoys outdoor adventures with her family.

About TREW Marketing

TREW Marketing is a strategy-first content marketing agency serving B2B companies that target highly technical buyers. With deep experience in the design, embedded, measurement and automation, and software industries, TREW Marketing provides branding, marketing strategy, content development, and digital marketing services to help customers efficiently and effectively achieve business goals.