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Inbound Marketing for Technical Companies

More than 50% of the technical buyer’s journey happens before they engage with your salespeople. While that may make you feel that much of their process is out of your control, it’s not. 94% of those buyers rate supplier and vendor websites as valuable as they gather information. Your prospects are looking for you, and they’re looking to you for information on what to value, how to make decisions, and which products to choose or services to engage. Reaching your prospects with compelling content as they need it to make decisions throughout their journey helps you build trust, fill your sales pipeline with the right leads, and spend less per lead than traditional outbound marketing.

Every dollar and hour you spend with TREW helps you position your company to compete in technical markets and generate opportunities for your sales team. 


How Your Marketing Reaches Engineers:

noun_sales_1012090Traditional sales tactics like trade shows and cold calling no longer work for B2B technical buyers.

noun_website_1300423Technical buyers use search engines to find new  products and services online.

noun_Paper_98171Engineers and other technical buyers want to read content written by technical experts.

noun_trusted_2714626Content builds trust in your company as potential buyers engage with your content online.

Starting with Strategy

Engineers and other highly technical audiences look past standard B2B marketing tactics, so we take a strategic, nuanced approach to meet the technical buyer exactly where they are and help guide them to your solution.

TREW Marketing partners with engineering and technology companies as a full-service marketing department, diving deep to understand your business goals and create marketing plans to support them. From brand positioning and messaging that clearly defines and differentiates your organization to strong, user-friendly websites and a steady, strategic stream of lead-generating content, we help prospects easily find and learn from you, ultimately building trust in your brand and growing leads to impact your bottom line.

Wendy Covey, TREW Marketing Co-Founder and CEO

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Since co-founding TREW Marketing in 2008, Wendy has helped hundreds of technical companies build trust and fill their pipelines using compelling, technical content and results-driven marketing plans.

In 2020, Wendy published Content Marketing, Engineered, a book that gives engineering and technical companies the framework and guidance needed for content marketing. And she launched the Content Marketing, Engineered podcast to share interviews with technical marketing leaders.

Our Story in Numbers


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Our Portfolio

Each client and each marketing project has its own specific goals, audience, and execution details. We work with a diverse set of B2B engineering and technology clients to outline strategic inbound marketing plans and then develop and implement compelling inbound content and digital experiences to reach marketing and sales goals.

Check out some of our recent projects:

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Intelligence and Insight

 Our engagements are surrounded by goals, KPIs, and intelligent tools that help our clients move forward. We also consistently conduct research that sets benchmarks for technical marketing with data around how engineers find, consume, and interact with information throughout the buyer’s journey.

The most recent TREW Marketing Research report answers questions including:

  • What content appeals most to millennial engineers?
  • What are engineers' most preferred content sources?
  • What fields are engineers are most likely to complete on a web form?
  • How many interactions do engineers have with a company before engaging with sales?
  • What do engineers want to see on vendor websites?


Download Research Report

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The TREW Crew

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Our team is full of experts in technical marketing.

We’re either marketers who have spent our careers working with engineers, or engineers who have shifted our expertise into communicating our peers’ work with marketing.

We’re nimble and effective, and our clients appreciate that we can advise based on quantitative research and qualitative data from working with hundreds of other technical companies. We take a “work smarter, not harder” approach, creating efficient marketing programs that benefit clients. We are friendly, fun and fanatical at minding the details.

Meet the TREW Crew 

The TREW Culture

We describe our culture as Laid-Back Excellence. We like to have fun while striving for the highest quality in our work and communication. Our team is approachable, and we try to remember to face challenges and change in stride. We enjoy working with others who care about our team and theirs and enjoy getting to know the whole person. We hold each other to a high standard, always remembering our motto, Trust Drives Results. We know that business is based on relationships, and all successful relationships are based on trust - in work, in life and between employees and customers. We take trust so seriously, we based our company name on it.

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TREW Testimonials

"Over the last several years, we’ve invested in our marketing foundation and shifted our investment from a mostly outbound approach with a heavy focus on trade shows to a more inbound approach focused on web and content marketing. Our company has grown over 50 percent, and, today, the majority of our leads come from online sources."
- Matt EurichPresident of Wineman Technology

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“I value TREW’s technical marketing writing – getting to the essence of what we want to communicate and quickly delivering a final product that took very little time to review and finalize – saving my teams weeks of time in meetings writing by committee.” 

Chad ReynoldsCMO of Panduit




"We recently had an opportunity come through a combination of a referral and the website. While he most certainly would have contacted us from the reference alone, his ability to evaluate our capabilities online prior to making a call was part of his buyer’s journey. When he called our project manager, he didn’t ask one question to 'qualify' us. He basically passed along the scope of work for the project and asked for a proposal.”
- Keith FlahertyCEO of Hallam ICS 


"We’ve worked with a few different marketing firms in the past, but partnering with TREW Marketing has been a game changer. TREW not only knows our system integration business, they understand our technical B2B buyers and have proven success reaching them. By partnering with TREW, we have fully embraced inbound marketing and now have inbound leads filling our sales and marketing funnel.”
- Titus Crabb, Owner and President of Vertech


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