Our Culture

To work at the level of excellence we expect of ourselves – and our customers expect of us – we have to work superbly together. With a clear mission and vision, and distinct culture and values, we are building a growing team of people who hold themselves to a high standard and jump in head-first to help a teammate or customer. We’re big on ideas, small on titles, and deliver results that turn customers into our greatest fans. 



We describe our culture as Laid-Back Excellence. We like to have fun while striving for the highest quality in our work and communication. Our team is approachable, and we try to remember to face challenges and change in stride. We enjoy working with others who care about our team and theirs and enjoy getting to know the whole person.\


We're on a mission to research, learn and deliver the smartest marketing programs for each of our customers.



To become the trusted partner of high-achieving technical companies through strategic collaboration, smart execution and meaningful results. 


Core Values


Strive for the highest quality, prompt and prepared; enjoys working with high-achieving teams

Strategic Thinking: 

Always keeps the end goals in mind; recommends the best plan and creative ideas to achieve results


Builds rapport with customers and colleagues; becomes an extension of customer teams; solidifies trust


Highly self-motivated; own toughest critic; resourceful to overcome challenges; always strives to be better, welcomes feedback


Stays rested, healthy and happy to give best effort in work and life; helps team members to balance workload


TREW Motto - Trust Drives Results

We hold each other to a high standard, always remembering our motto, Trust Drives Results. We know that business is based on relationships, and all successful relationships are based on trust - in work, in life and between employees and customers. We take trust so seriously, we based our company name on it.

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