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Should I Use a WordPress Theme for my Site Redesign? TREW Answers

November 3, 2015 Are you considering a redesign to improve your website’s effectiveness and modernize its look? Have you thought about your budget and your must-have requirements that will make your site the marketing and sales engine you’re aiming for? Anytime we embark on a web redesign for a TREW client, we consider the variables that affect the project’s size and scope. This includes business goals, branding and positioning needs, budget, and other key factors. These can guide us in determining if the site is a good candidate for a WordPress theme redesign or if it would be more suited to a fully custom redesign (which can also reside in the WordPress CMS). A WordPress “theme” is essentially a prebuilt website with a defined home page template and lower level page templates or elements that can be placed together to build simple lower level page templates. Premium WordPress themes are a fast way to a beautiful, impressive website. Usually within the $30 – $200 price range, these themes follow up-to-date design trends and are tested to work well in all browsers. WordPress themes allow you to get your new website up and running fairly quickly with some customization of colors, fonts, and content. Sounds great, right?

Avoid These 8 Common Pitfalls for a Successful Website Redesign

May 28, 2015 Here at TREW, we’ve got quite a few Web redesigns under our belt, and time and again we’ve seen the same issues crop up for companies who are redesigning their site, no matter their industry. The Web redesign process is both an art and a science, and it pushes you to prioritize, manage time wisely and focus on numerous elements of good website design and presentation. If you’re thinking about a Web redesign, or are currently in the middle of one, it’s good to know where the biggest obstacles crop up and prevent an on-time, successful launch. Here are the top eight pitfalls we come across most often.

Prioritize Content and Create a Winning Wireframe

Whether creating a new website or redesigning one, you’ll want to start by defining your site strategy: the information you will provide to your visitors, the top tasks you want them to undertake while accessing that information, and the priority of both. Before starting on a wireframe design, make a Page Description Diagram, which is a list of content elements with a brief description of each, organized as high, medium or low priority.

Nurture Your Leads: Harness the Power of E-Newsletters, Part 2

In Part I of this e-newsletter best practices blog post, we focused on how to get started developing an e-newsletter from the standpoint of design, content strategy and building readership. Now, we’ll focus on what happens after you hit “Send”: ongoing analysis and improving read rates. In this post, we’ll cover: Which metrics are most meaningful for e-newsletter analysis Increasing e-news open rates with smart subject lines Improving click-through rates How frequency plays a role in your results

Nurture your Leads: Harness the Power of E-Newsletters, Part I

Staying top-of-mind with prospects and customers is a challenge all companies face. E-newsletters are a great way to maintain a conversation with your target audience, promote valuable content, and help nurture your lead base to increase customer loyalty and move prospects closer to the sale. A corporate e-newsletter, done right, can be one of the most effective and strategic marketing activities a company undertakes.

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