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Our Next Big Opportunity: Smart Pipeline Management

  Recently, I spoke to a global audience of about 100 engineering business leaders and asked them a simple question: Are you happy with your pipeline? More specifically, I asked them to all stand, and only remain standing if they answered yes to the following questions:

Introduction to Message Mapping for Effective Communication

A message map is a framework used to create compelling, relevant messages for various audience segments. It also serves as an organizational alignment tool to ensure message consistency. Whether you are launching your company, introducing the next big product, or preparing for other major marketing campaigns, messaging mapping is an important step in communicating effectively.

6 Sales Trends for your Growing Business in 2018

2018 planning season is in full swing. As you work to put those final touches on business plans for your company, consider incorporating these six trends into your sales and marketing playbooks.

10 Questions When Creating a B2B Sales Enablement Strategy

Talented salespeople are highly valuable resources for your company, and you want to ensure that every hour they spend is applied in the most impactful way possible. A strong sales enablement strategy sets your sales people up to consistently sell more effectively. Companies that use sales enablement best practices are 50 percent more likely to achieve or exceed sales quota*.

HubSpot CRM vs. Salesforce CRM:  6 Comparison Criteria

An effective customer relationship managment system (CRM) separates hugely successful companies from the ones with stagnant lead and sales growth. This foundational technology allows you to gain insights into your customers and prospects, easily reach out to them, and measure conversions through their buyers journey. It also helps you to eliminate numerous manual sales tasks, freeing up your sales force to spend time in the most impactful ways. In short, CRMs are critical to improving your B2B organizations' marketing and sales performance.

3 Charts Indicating Your Sales and Marketing Teams Need to Talk

Companies that use sales enablement best practices are 50% more likely to achieve or exceed sales quota*, such as successfully engaging your target personas through their buyers' journey. Marketing serves a critical role through lead generation and qualification (technical prospects complete 68% of the buyers journey before they engage with sales) as well as sales content. 

The ONE Thing Your Sales Team Should Stop Doing Today

This was originally published in 2016 and has been updated. On the heels of visiting a client for a lead and opportunity management strategy meeting and attending the HubSpot Partner Day in Boston, I noticed a common theme across all of the conversations I’d had over the past few days: marketers have done a lot of work to adopt inbound and content marketing, but their efforts aren't necessarily translating into sales.

TREW CEO and COO to Present at NIWeek 2017 Alliance Day

Will you be attending NIWeek 2017 at its new time of year this May in sunny Austin? Mark your calendars for two TREW-led sessions on Alliance Day, May 22, geared toward helping your market and sell to a technical audience. The specifics are below: Session Title: 10 Steps to Define Your Position and Message

Webcast Recap: Help! My Pipeline Sucks!

In our latest webinar, Dave Brock, author of the Sales Manager Survival Guide and CEO of Partners in Excellence sales consultancy and Wendy Covey, COO for TREW Marketing, discuss the roles of sales and marketing in regard to maintaining a healthy pipeline. You can download the recorded webinar right here.

5 Product Updates in HubSpot CRM and Marketing Automation Tools

HubSpot continually releases new functionality to both their CRM and marketing automation tools in order to stay competitive and up-to-date with changing technology requirements while maintaining their affordability for SMBs and start-ups.