Getting Started with Content Marketing: Year One

Content is the fuel that powers your marketing plan and takes you towards your goals

Content is a critical component to any inbound marketing program. It’s how new people find your company’s website. Content educates prospects and compels them to continue to learn about and engage with you, and ultimately builds trust between your business and your prospects and customers.

As a B2B technical company, you need a way to generate and convert leads in today’s digital age. Your marketing objectives include growing awareness, credibility, and brand trust; attracting new visitors and converting them into contacts; and generating more marketing-qualified leads.

ebook cover - Getting Started with Content Marketing Year One-1 (1)So how do you manage and prioritize all of your objectives to meet these goals? Download our ebook on content marketing to learn how to:

  • Define Your Target Audience
  • Develop Your Content Plan
  • Create Topic Content Clusters
  • Measuring Results

We conclude with the “Math of Inbound Marketing" - powerful information about how to take business-level revenue goals and translate them into marketing objectives, actual ROI calculations for setting goals, two real example plans for inbound marketing, and considerations for doing it yourself vs. outsourcing.

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