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Why You Think You Need a Custom B2b Website, But Don't

Templated websites have come a LONG way this past decade in functionality, aesthetics, and ease of use. Explore different factors that tip the scales towards templated versus custom.

cme podcast episode 5

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In Erin Gleeson's day-to-day work developing web strategies for TREW clients, she hears a few typical concerns often, and one of them is the question of template v. custom. This is a big decision, and deserves a deep dive to understand website goals, desired functionality, and expected maintenance roles, just to name a few.

Erin Gleeson Engagement

What made this episode interesting to me as an...ahem...seasoned marketer, was having lived through the evolution from all-custom, to a small number of rigid templates used by EVERYONE, to the feature-rich flexibility in today's templates. I'm also amazed by the greater ease of website management for non-programming-savvy marketers in today's tools.

Spoiler alert: Erin's advice isn't that there is some one-size-fits-all solution. By describing the questions she uses to help a company with this decision, you can better understand whether your website is a good candidate for template v. custom, and will be armed with smart questions to ask your web strategist. 

When you give this episode a listen, you'll learn that Erin is engaged to be married, and with any big event in her life she somehow ends up also pushing new websites live. We wish her and her fiance John a lifetime of joy together... and also joy for that lucky TREW client whose new website Erin will likely push live the eve before her nuptials... because that's how she rolls.