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Website Redesign with a Growth-Driven Design Approach

G Systems, a leader in test and measurement automation for aerospace, defense, energy and RF test, was seeking a custom website redesign that better represented their brand and services offered.

Redesign goals:

  1. To have a more modern, clean design that will make information clearer and easier to find
  2. To generate more quality leads
  3. To better present exactly what G Systems does
  4. To become a resource for people to revisit, being presented as the experts they want and are willing to pay for, using content and gated content to present thought leadership

Website redesign before and after


Solution: Custom Design + HubSpot CMS + Growth Driven Design

TREW determined that the size and requirements for the G Systems website called for a custom template built upon the HubSpot CMS platform. The ease of updates with the inline editor and integration with their marketing sales platforms made the HubSpot CMS an obvious choice for G Systems.

By utilizing growth-driven design, TREW developed an initial launch site that incorporates all of G Systems requirements and was able to easily iterate and optimize on a monthly basis given how visitors are engaging with the content based on data not assumptions.


Meeting Website Redesign Milestones While Up Against an Immovable Deadline

Redesigning a website is a very large project that’s vital to your marketing foundation. Because your website is your hardest working employee, the redesign should be carefully planned out with a project timeline that has been agreed upon by key stakeholders, designers and developers. We like to identify roadblocks to meeting our deadlines. Are key reviewers going on vacation? Is there another project that will tie up resources from working on or reviewing the site, etc.?

With G Systems, we were up against a hard deadline and right in the middle of summer where many key stakeholders had vacations planned. The biggest factor at play was that G Systems was going to be exhibiting and receiving the National Instruments Alliance Partner of the Year Award (Congrats G Systems!) at NI Week the first week of August. The website redesign project manager was crucial to managing milestones to ensure meeting the very important deadline.

Wireframe for a website redesignWireframe for a website redesign

Some of the milestones of a custom designed website are:

  1. Requirements Alignment
  2. Homepage and Secondary Page Wireframes
  3. Homepage Design Mock Up
  4. Secondary Page Design Mock Up
  5. Content Development
  6. Content Entry
  7. Review & QA
  8. Go Live

Wireframing is a crucial phase of a website redesign project because it is a way to align on layout and key requirements. During the wireframe phase with G Systems we actually learned preferences on the feature graphic area that we would have otherwise missed if we had not checked our assumptions. Since wireframing is relatively easy to mock up rather than doing a full design mockup we were able to modify and gain approval before moving on to design.

Another milestone that often gets overlooked during the initial planning phase is the content development phase. This phase is typically the most time consuming milestone for a web redesign client if they choose to write their own copy. We always recommend doing a brand, positioning and messaging project before a website redesign as it helps identify what your key messages are and will better inform your content. During this phase we also recommend selecting your keywords so you can optimize your content for search while developing it.

With G Systems, they had recently undergone a messaging project with TREW so they started off on a great foot to begin developing their web content. Because they had a large site with many stakeholders it was important to allow enough time for both content development as well as internal reviews. We typically recommend at least four weeks to develop content for the website but based on the number of pages you have, you may want to incorporate more time.


Lead Generation Machine

Lead generating content is a must have on your website if you have an inbound marketing strategy. Often companies are too focused on getting the site launched they don’t think about incorporating lead generation elements into their site outside of a Contact Us page.

Lead generation was a main driver of the website redesign G Systems had planned for this. They already had a good amount of content including case studies and were working on developing blogs as part of their content calendar – both of which would contributing to attracting new visitors through search. Attracting new visitors was not the primary goal – it was to convert them into leads. Because of this, they also had TREW working on a series of new white papers to release along with the launch of the website. Their previous site had no lead-converting capabilities at all.

In just a month, they have already exceeded their goal for monthly inbound leads. The growth-driven design approach helped them achieve their lead conversion goals and set up their foundation for future growth.

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