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Creating a Killer Corporate Pitch Deck

Once your message is set, you’ll need content to share and deliver the story of your company. A great way to do this is to have a well-designed corporate slide deck. A corporate slide deck can be disseminated through your company so that multiple teams can give presentations that have the same look, feel, and message. I recommend writing a script for the slides and including it in the notes of the slide. Presenters don’t need to use the script verbatim, but an available script allows a presenter to understand the main point for each slide and get a feel for the key related messages. They can then use whatever words and personal stories they need to articulate the corporate message with their own voice.CREATING A KILLER CORPORATE PITCH DECK

The corporate slide deck can stand alone, or be used as an intro set of slides before a presenter proceeds into more sales- or application-specific information.

Here are ten slides you need in your corporate pitch deck:

1. Cover
Your cover slide should be clean and clear. It should include your company’s visual brand colors and logo, and your company name and tagline. This slide may be on a screen for quite a while when you’re waiting to present, so it sets the stage for the entire presentation. If you use an image, make it one that embodies the tone of your brand, whether that’s technical (an image of machinery or an actual application), conversational (like the image on the slide below), or advisory (for example, a large image of an airplane for an aerospace integrator).


2. Problem
The problem slide should define your customer’s problem as he sees it. Review your buyer personas or positioning to exactly pinpoint these pains.


3. Amplify (Market Info)
Use your Amplify slide to really flesh out your customer’s problems and show what will happen if those problems remain unaddressed. This slide can include market information to show what kind of market potential the customer will pass up if he doesn’t solve the challenges plaguing his business.


4. Solution (What We Do)
This slide should clearly state what you do. If possible, tie your solutions directly to the problems you identified on the second slide.

Solution slide.png

5. How We Work
This slide gives you the opportunity to show how you deliver the solutions that will meet your customers’ needs. Use this space to particularly highlight how you work in ways that may be unique to your business: Do you have specific processes you use? Do your customers benefit from certifications or partnerships you have? Discuss those aspects of your business here.


6. Results
Similarly to your solutions slide, tie results directly to the customer problems. Revisit the problem statements, and show what customers can achieve by using your solutions. You may be saving time or cost, or adding expertise. Be as specific as possible and quantify results, if possible.

7. Partnerships/Certifications
Technical companies often have partnerships/certifications/memberships that are particularly important to their audience. If you have a lot of partnerships, fill this slide with relevant logos or company names, and consider animating the slide so that partnerships pop up and fill the screen.

8. Specialties
Use this slide to speak to any specific technology or application areas with which you have experience. These may be keywords that your customer is looking for, like Internet of Things or Analytics.

9. Competitive Advantage
A competitive slide is a great one to have in your arsenal. You can use this slide to answer the questions your customer may be thinking but hasn’t had a chance to ask yet. If you have specific competitors that you typically speak to, you can include those, or you can use this slide to compare working with your company as compared to other types of solutions, like procuring offshore support or creating a solution in-house.


10. Next Steps
Finally, end your presentation with a CTA. This may be contact information, your website, or an easy-to-remember URL that leads to follow-up content. Alternatively, this slide can be a transition into the remainder of a customized presentation.

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