Brand Positioning and Messaging 

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Your brand is the narrative of your company. It should describe the problems customers face, guide them to the solutions you provide, and show the results your solutions bring.

It’s easy to make your brand story all about you, but successful brands make their customer the hero, rather than products or services.

Brand positioning and messaging is a critical component to your business. The positioning process and the way it hones and defines your company's brand, tone, and differentiators help align executives and stakeholders and often later dictate decisions as broad as website hierarchy and overall content strategy.


How to Tell Your Brand Story   

identify your personasIdentify your Personas

Develop and define your buyer personas to start developing your brand's story. 

understand customer pains Understand Customer Pains 

With insight into your buyers, next dive deep into buyer's challenges. Define customer pain points that you can solve. 

define unique differentiatorsDefine Unique Differentiators

Introduce your products and services as the solution to your buyer's challenges. Be the solution to their problems.

develop your pitch Develop Your Pitch

Now pitch your brand story in a way that speak directly to your customers and their pains.


Build Your brand foundation  

Start with a Brand Foundation 

We at TREW have put our decades of experience building customized marketing programs for engineers into this ebook. It guides you through TREW’s proven process for building the most critical, foundational pieces of your marketing strategy. This one-of-a-kind, data-enriched ebook sets you up for success with a smart, prioritized approach to help technical business leaders and marketers develop, implement, and execute an effective and measurable marketing program.



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"This project provided us with a clear brand direction and positioning for Hallam ICS to utilize for years to come. We strongly believe that our success lies 50% in our technical expertise and 50% in building strong relationships. TREW was able to perfectly capture this philosophy in our new branding. 'Inspired Engineering' resonated with the team from the start and will be an on-going theme for all of our services."
– Keith Flaherty, President of Hallam- ICS



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TREW's Branding and Messaging Process

After 10 years of smart marketing for engineers, we have developed a proven process for corporate branding and messaging. We start each brand position and messaging project by forming a branding committee of your key internal stakeholders, and then we listen and learn from this team to understand what sets your company apart. From there, our branding experts develop content that speaks to your buyer personas and encapsulates your brand in a clear and concise manner. 

brand positioning and messaging process

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