Brand Positioning and Messaging

Brand positioning and messaging is a critical component to your marketing investment. The positioning process and the way it hones and defines the company's brand, tone, and differentiators help align executives and stakeholders and often later dictate decisions as broad as website hierarchy and overall content strategy.


  • Corporate Messaging Research and Definitions
    • Results of interviews with customers
    • Identification and definition of corporate tone and voice
  • Corporate Communications Branding Brief, including:
    • Corporate positioning statement and unique differentiators
    • Tagline
    • Quick pitches (corporate, segments)
    • “About Us" web content 
  • Targeted messaging for business divisions, audience segments, partner relations, or products/product families
  • Corporate video script
  • Sales slide deck with speaker notes


"Our positioning and messaging project with TREW aligned our team and internally gave us the foundation we needed to create a stream of consistent, cohesive content across multiple external platforms."
Chris Conger, Director of Sales & Marketing at Erdos Miller 
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