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LinkedIn | Introducing the March LinkedIn Madness Miniseries

Take a sneak peek at our miniseries focused on all things LinkedIn, from crafting that perfect post or ad to expanding your reach through deeper network engagement. 


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COVID-19 continues to make a big impact on business operations, and one clear trend for marketing and sales is a greater focus on LinkedIn. To help you learn more and perform better with your LinkedIn efforts, I'm kicking off a month-long series studying trends and best practices across different facets of the platform.

Here is the line-up:

  1. Introducing the March LinkedIn Madness Miniseries 
  2. Don't be Boring with John Espirian, Technical Copywriter and Author of Content DNA
  3. Stop the Sales Noise with Susan Tatum, Managing Partner & Pipeline Specialist for The Conversion Company
  4. Becoming a Trusted Sales Advisor with Nick Capozzi
  5. Measuring and Mastering Engagement with Scott Ingram
  6. Boost your Ad Performance with AJ Wilcox
  7. TREW Client Success Stories with Erin Moore
  8. New Feature Highlights and Miniseries Recap with Julia Fellows

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Welcome to Content Marketing, Engineered. your source for building trust and generating demand with technical content. Here is your host, Wendy Covey.


Hi and welcome to Content Marketing Engineered. On each episode, I'll break down an industry trend, challenge, or best practice in reaching technical audiences.


You'll meet colleagues, friends and clients of mine who will stop by to share their stories. And I hope you leave each episode feeling inspired and ready to take action. Before we jump in, I'd like to give a brief shout out to my agency. TREW Marketing. TREW is a full service agency located in beautiful Austin, Texas, serving highly technical companies. For more information, visit trewmarketing.com. And now on with our podcast.


Hi, everyone, and welcome to Episode one in my March LinkedIn Madness mini series. Why the heck are we here, and why LinkedIn? Well, let's talk about that. And to do so I'd like to reflect on 2020.


As we all know, travel was completely out of the question. So salespeople were grounded and they turned in many cases to LinkedIn in order to prospect and connect with customers. At the same time, we saw that engineers were spending more time at their desks, more time online and more time on their favorite social platform, LinkedIn, in order to keep track of industry trends and network with colleagues. So as we can tell from both a marketing and a sales standpoint, LinkedIn is quite important.


And so here we are in 2021. We're all very focused on how to do our best on LinkedIn, improve the performance of our marketing and sales efforts, and why not talk to some experts in the industry on what they've seen be successful so we can all learn and be better. That's why I'm having a LinkedIn miniseries. So Tin on today's episode, I'd like to tell you a little bit about who will be talking to, what they'll be talking about and what I hope to get out of each episode.


The first one is John Espirian. He's a technical copywriter and he'll be talking about how to write engaging copy and also the importance of having a point of view as you're interacting on LinkedIn.


Then we'll talk to Susan Tatum. Susan works with companies to do sales prospecting, and she is super annoyed with all of the automation people that are using these bots in order to be high volume but not authentic in their sales. And it's not working. So she'll tell you what is working.


Then you'll hear from Nick Capozzi and Nick, who's been named number two on a top 100 LinkedIn sales all star list. So you'll hear the secrets behind how he's grown, his network, what he does best when he creates content for LinkedIn and engages with others in his network.


Next up is Scott Ingram, and Scott created a very specific metric to gauge whether or not you're being effective on LinkedIn and I won't spoil it, but I will tell you, it has nothing to do with vanity metrics like followers or likes on a post. So Scott has lots of advice on LinkedIn, not just about measurement, but is full of wisdom.


And then we'll turn to advertising. And I have AJ Wilcox joining me and we'll talk about how to build stronger ads that perform better on LinkedIn. So this might be through copy, through the way things are set up. He has all kinds of advice for those of you either getting started on LinkedIn advertising or just looking to improve your conversion rates.


Then I bring on Erin Moore from TREW Marketing, and she'll talk about client success stories that true is had in all kinds of aspects, from thought leadership to advertising campaigns to just kick ass content that's done well, LinkedIn.


And then finally, I'll wrap things up with another TREW team member. Julia Fellowes will reflect on what we learned, what some of the key themes were that bubbled up and what we're going to take into our plans for the rest of 2021 to be completely awesome.


I hope you'll join me for all eight episodes. Should be a great time and thanks for listening today.


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