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You solve production challenges, monitor pipeline health, and improve throughput for manufacturing and oil/gas companies. Drawing upon our 20+ years in the control and automation space, we quickly hone in on the value you deliver and generate demand in this competitive, conservative market space.

Featured Case Study: Brand Messaging, Visual Style Guide, and Website Set Course for Test and Automation Company

TREW Marketing worked with the leadership team at PrimeTest Automation to develop a new website, a positioning and messaging foundation, and a visual style guide. These projects would help streamline all outbound and inbound content with a strong message and visual identity while giving their internal team a unified focus and message.

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Web Redesign: TREW revamps website, conducts marketing automation onboarding for pipeline monitoring company


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Inbound Marketing Foundation 


“We recently had an opportunity come througha combination of a referral and the website.  A prospect received a referral to us from a well-known Boston technical institute.  The prospect then searched for us on Google and spent over 5 minutes on the site.  He visited two pages, and on one of them he downloaded our Safety Requirement Specification white paper. While he most certainly would have contacted us from the reference alone, his ability to evaluate our capabilities online prior to making a call was part of his buyer’s journey.  When he called our project manager, he didn’t ask one question to 'qualify' us.  He basically just passed along the scope of work for the project and said he wanted to get a proposal.”

-- Keith Flaherty, CEO, Hallam-ICS 


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