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Marketing Strategy
- Annual Marketing Planning
- Product Launches
- Marketing Audits

Brand Marketing
- Brand Positioning and Messaging
- Targeted Messaging
- Rebrand and Acquisition Marketing

Content Marketing
- Content Planning
- Content Development
- Content Programs


Marketing Automation
- HubSpot Onboarding + Training
- Integrate HubSpot With Your CRM
- HubSpot Audits + Optimization

Sales Enablement
- Sales Enablement Strategy
- ABM Strategy
- Thought Leadership Content

Website Services
- Website Strategy
- Technical Web Content
- Corporate Web Pages

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The Essential B2B Marketing Planning Checklist for Engineering Success

Going to market with only a set of ideas about how to attract and engage your target personas and grow leads and revenue for your business can be a hit-or-miss proposition. Usually a miss. Your time and budget are limited, so to ensure inbound marketing success and deliver measurable results, you need a solid, documented plan. 


The Essential B2B Marketing Planning Checklist for Engineering Success



7 Checklist Steps to successful B2B marketing planning:


checkmark-1  Define your business goals for the next 1, 3, and 5 years
    • Define measurable, attainable goals and objectives for each

    • Define how marketing can contribute to achieving these goals and the roles/responsibilities for key team members

    • Determine what sets your products or services apart from your competitors

checkmark-1  Establish an annual marketing budget

    • Target 6-12% of revenue based on company size, margins, past marketing investment, the economy, and revenue forecasts.

checkmark-1  Create or engage your marketing advisory team.
    • This is typically up to five stakeholders including the head of marketing, head of sales, senior sales manager, senior engineer, and the president or CEO.

checkmark-1 Audit Current Marketing Activities & Create a Strengths, Weakness, and Trends Analysis

    • Audit your current marketing activities including:

      • Brand Positioning and Messaging

      • Content

      • Website

      • Leads

      • Channel Partners

      • Martech Stack

checkmark-1 Define 3 personas as your target audience and market

        • Determine how your personas view your market, industry, and company

        • Determine the best way to attract and engage those specific personas

checkmark-1 Create 3-to-5 marketing campaigns and their corresponding marketing activities

    • Prioritize and define integrated marketing activities for up to 5 focused campaigns

      • Campaigns are often centered on an industry, persona, and/or major product/service initiative(s)
checkmark-1 Set your success measures
      • Define meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your campaigns and activities against your business goals


Getting Started


Review your current marketing efforts against this checklist and take a realistic view of your current state. Start at the top of the list and work down from there. Set a timeline for progress and stick to it!

Need help building your marketing plan? Read our Guide to B2B Marketing Planning!


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Lee Chapman

Lee guides agency strategy and performance, and she champions the ongoing pursuit of building a great marketing team. She has extensive B2B technical marketing experience across a spectrum of industries and application areas including test and measurement, control and automation, and industrial manufacturing. Her focus has always been on building lasting partnerships that connect marketing strategy to bottom line-business results. Lee lives in Austin, Texas where she is passionate about supporting organizations working to end homelessness and provide affordable housing in Central Texas.

About TREW Marketing

TREW Marketing is a strategy-first content marketing agency serving B2B companies that target highly technical buyers. With deep experience in the design, embedded, measurement and automation, and software industries, TREW Marketing provides branding, marketing strategy, content development, and digital marketing services to help customers efficiently and effectively achieve business goals.