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Speakers and Workshops


Speaker Requests

Book an experienced speaker to energize, educate and inspire your team with presentations on inbound marketing, content strategy and development, web/SEO and more.


Onsite Workshops

Onsite workshops are ideal for teams who are seeking in-depth focus on a particular aspect of their marketing or need help with a specific market or competitive situation. 

Workshop Ratings

Content Marketing World 2016 "Industrial Lab: Content Marketing for Thomas Edison" 6.7/8
Content Marketing World 2017 "Industrial Manufacturing Lab: Reaching Technical Audiences with Content that Sticks"  4.4/5
The American Ceramics Society at MS&T 2017 "Smart Marketing for Engineers Workshop" 4.75/5


“A TREW senior consultant led our leadership team in a 2-day workshop to implement EOS. It was one of the best leadership meetings we've had, and we have a clear view of the challenges we have to overcome, and the path to follow to achieve our business potential in the embedded wireless market.”

-Keith Sugawara, COO, Silex Technology America


"I liked the systematic approach. Step by step we were walked through how to build an effective marketing strategy and execute it. it was the right level of detail - not so high that it's not actionable, but not so low that it's boring."

- Sam Wilding, New Business Development, US Synthetic


wendy presenting

"The TREW workshop was incredibly valuable for me, as a business leader, to align my marketing team, and business leaders, around inbound marketing...I would highly recommend the TREW workshops for any company facing growth and seeking to increase innovation in their marketing."

- Stefan Stemmer, CEO & President, Berghof Group


"In my sales/technical/business development role, I have limited interaction with marketing. This course was a fascinating look at the ways marketing works to develop your brand and engage existing and potential customers."

- Josh Pelletier, BDM, Kerneos


"I liked the workshop/breakout approach as it forced me to think through and define ideas on each topic."

- Product Manager 


"This was a practical workshop showing how to set up an inbound marketing plan, from start to finish. The content repurposing idea was a revelation!"

- Nancy Bunt, Senior Market Manager, Kerneos


"This course is awesome."

- Ben Furnish, Marketing Manager, Parker 


Request TREW Marketing for your next event to speak on brand positioning and messaging, sales enablement, content planning and more!

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