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Two-Step Content Approach Grows Consulting Business With Jason Swenk

Build brand trust and shorten the sales cycle using a one-two punch of rich content combined with derivative micro-content.

cme podcast episode 40

Jason Swenk, host of the Smart Agency Master Class podcast and coach to growth-oriented agencies nationwide, does not enjoy writing blogs. And he's certainly not alone in that sentiment! But what Jason does enjoy is helping businesses grow through education. He's developed a one-two content marketing punch that capitalizes on his strengths and expertise, with rich podcast content at its core.

His primary marketing focus is a thrice-weekly podcast, which he records in two intense batches during a portion of the year. This is where you'll find him most in his element -- talking (not writing) and lending a personal aspect into the content that doesn't translate as easily to the written word. He finds in sales engagements and at conferences that his listeners feel a connection to him, like they already know him, because of the personal style of podcast content.

Once each episode is recorded, his team creates derivate micro-content to hook new listeners and supplement the audio content with written blogs. Here are some of his tips for optimizing this approach:

  • Every episode and blog post should have a call-to-action
  • Use analytics to uncover your most popular content and refresh to keep these current
  • Categorize posts by customer benefit, don't get hung up on keywords

Jason is a big advocate for podcasting, and feels that without it businesses are missing out on significant opportunities to reach new markets. Whether hosted by an executive, marketer, or subject-matter-expert (or all of the above!), with supporting technology abound, getting started has never been easier.