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Why Business Strategy is Key to Effective Marketing

Without a solid business strategy and plan, marketing is dead in the water.


Jack Barber, Senior Business Consultant at Exotek, has been a long-time advisor to company leaders in the system integration industry. As such, one of the most confounding things he has run across are businesses trying to operate  and grow without a business strategy and plan. 

During the episode Jack contrasts a business strategy and business plan, and how both are needed for marketers to do their job effectively.

A company's business strategy defines who the company is, where they want to be in the long-term, and the model they follow. This strategy is particularly useful for marketing to create company brand positioning and messaging.

Business plans provide specific goals and KPIs for the business to attain on an annual basis. Some are detailed with outlined initiatives by vertical or solution, while others are more financially-oriented. 

Without knowing where the business is going and how it expects to get there, marketers are left floundering. Often the result is a scattershot of activities rather than integrated initiatives orchestrated together to achieve greater ROI. What a waste of time and resources that would be! 

Now is the time to pull out of the day-to-day and create your business and marketing strategy. Exotek offers many resources to help companies who struggle with business strategy and plan development which you can find on their website link below.