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Why Marketing is Not Respected and What to Do About It

If you feel marginalized in your marketing role within your company, there is a good chance you are the cause your own problem.

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Ouch. Ok, first let me acknowledge that it feels absolutely terrible to lack respect for the job you perform and contributions you make, day in and day out. Chances are your motivation and job satisfaction are low, and you might even be spending extra time on Indeed with one leg out the door. Before you jump to what might be another repeat of the same challenges, listen to this podcast episode, because here is the deal...

Too often I find marketers making the same mistakes. They are working (very long hours!) in a tactical silo on an activity deadline treadmill, checking boxes rather than slowing down to ensure their efforts are making a positive business impact. Marketers, time to hit the pause button.

In this episode I dive into the six reasons why you lack respect in the company and what to do about it.

  1. You don’t understand your company’s solutions
  2. You’ve never interacted with customers
  3. You don’t spend any time with sales
  4. Your content is fluffy
  5. You don’t substantiate your ideas with data
  6. You are sharing the wrong results

Look, I’m not saying this list is exhaustive and will solve every single one of your frustrations, but it will go a long, long way to improving your job performance and how you are viewed by the organization. By addressing these, you can produce more quality work that matters to the business, achieve better results, and feel great because you proactively made it happen.