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No Excuses Approach to Industrial Videos & Podcasts with Chris Luecke

By Wendy Covey | CEO and Co-Founder

Why are industrial marketers hesitant to add videos and podcasting to their content mix, even when trends show that technical buyers are seeking this content more than ever? Learn how to overcome obstacles to make it happen.


Chris Luecke, Account Executive at Rockwell Automation, is no stranger to content marketing. He started the Manufacturing Happy Hour as a lead generator for his business and resource for manufacturing leaders. Early on the show positioned him as an authority, connected his customers, and has since grown into an educational content platform for Rockwell and its ecosystem. 


We've both heard hesitations from industrial marketers and salespeople about creating video and podcasts, but ironically none related to whether this is a good vehicle to reach technical buyers. It is a lot of "I know I should but..." followed by something around equipment, lack of experience, or discomfort being in front of the lens or mic. 


During this episode, Chris addresses these real and perceived obstacles with practical advice for getting started and permission to fail forward with those first rocky episodes. He also provides advice for the interviewer and insight for how he measures success of the Manufacturing Happy Hour.


Long-form video podcasts are a goldmine for repurposed content, including video shorts, quotes, and blog material -- all derived from one interview. What are you waiting for? As Chris (and Nike) say, "Just do it!"






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Wendy Covey

CEO and Co-Founder

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