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Critical Insights to 2020 Industrial Marketing with Amber Cooleen

cme podcast episode 2How do engineers use content to make purchase decisions, and how can you use this research data to guide your content marketing strategy?


Amber Cooleen, Senior Director of Marketing at IEEE GlobalSpec, drops by to share research findings she finds most (and least) surprising from the recent report released by IEEE GlobalSpec and TREW Marketing, Smart Marketing for Engineers: Critical Insight to Engage Engineers in a New Decade.


We'll cover a host of topics including the types of content engineers prefer, media preferences including the adoption of video and podcasts, and the staying power of enewsletters. She'll also talk about content preferences of the Millennial engineer, a group growing in influence and decision-making roles. We'll also debate about the role social media should play in the marketing mix for technical companies.


Amber and her family were recently featured on the popular show House Hunters! Check out the TV episode (after you listen to the podcast episode, of course).



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