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6 Ways HubSpot Helped TREW Grow Web Traffic 130%, Leads 150%

Nearly one year ago, TREW on-boarded HubSpot’s marketing automation software. We expected a sophisticated, yet user-friendly, marketing automation software , with built-in tools such as landing page and smart forms, email workflow automation, social media scheduling, and SEO analytics. HubSpot not only met our high expectations, it exceeded them. Using the software helped TREW become smarter marketers for our business, resulting in a 130% increase in web traffic and 150% YoY lead growth.

Want to know how we did it? Below are the top 6 ways that HubSpot has helped make TREW smarter, more effective, marketers.

Crafting Landing Pages That Increased Our Leads Over 150%

HubSpot’s landing page creation tool is one of our favorites. Creating a landing page with a custom lead form in HubSpot is simple, easy, and immediate. With the ability to craft an attractive landing page in a matter of minutes, we have been able to capture qualified leads on our website through our premium content downloads. Since implementing HubSpot we’ve seen our leads increase 150% YoY.


HubSpot Landing Pages
Pictured left is a TREW HubSpot landing page; pictured right illustrates our 150% YoY lead growth

Giving Credit Where It’s Due: Social Media Converts 13% of TREW’s Leads

One of the biggest issues businesses have with social media is that it takes too much time, with questionable return. With many different channels, each with unique audiences, etiquette and analytics, social media can be time-consuming and confusing for many small businesses.

Using HubSpot’s social media scheduler and conversion metrics, TREW has gained efficiencies and valuable insights on what channels and what time of day converts the most leads. With this, we can now track our efforts based on conversions, and have seen our social media lead conversion rate go from unknown to 13%.

Drastically Improving Search Engine Page Ranks with HubSpot’s SEO tool

SEO is not just about generating traffic to your website but generating the right traffic to the right area of your website. In order to increase rankings for the right traffic, you need to do your keyword research. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or resources to sift through hundreds, if not thousands, of keywords to find the right ones.

The HubSpot keyword tool helps you to quickly find suggested keywords, ranked by difficulty and monthly searches, as well as ranking and conversion opportunities - keywords considered as “low hanging fruit” and ideal to include in your SEO strategy. By using this tool with our own SEO strategy, we have seen page ranks jump up 85 spots.

HubSpot Keywords Tool
In the chart above you will see the ranking progression for the keyword “seo keyword strategy.” In March we were ranked over 100th. On March 19th, we released a webinar and blog post promoting it. The orange line graph shows that this content helped our rank go from 100+ to 15th in 3 weeks.


Testing CTA Banners and Buttons for Optimum Lead Conversion Rates

Do you have a call to action (CTA) on every one of your blog posts? How about throughout your website? HubSpot’s CTA creator makes it easy to promote your most important lead generating content throughout your site, helping you guide web visitors to becoming a lead.

TREW uses the CTA tool to create buttons and banners for our lead-generating premium content, such as Smart Product Launches for Engineers. We use the tool to create, and track which CTA converts the most leads. For example, we know that 56% of our leads come from our Spotlight Blog, which reinforces the significance of the blog – generating awareness online and guiding visitors to premium content.

Smart Product launches ebook
An example of one of our CTA banners, driving our blog readers to download our ebook.


Serving Up the Right Content at the Right Time

Email automation is a marketing tactic to nurture your leads and help keep your business top of mind. By offering related content around a specific topic of interest, you are moving the lead further down the marketing funnel and closer towards closing the sale.

In HubSpot’s email tool, we can set up multiple time-triggered emails, offering targeted content based on a reader’s engagement, and track its performance with send, open, and click through rates. These metrics help us to serve content that ignites interest, increasing our click through rate by 2X the industry average.

HubSpot Email Tool
With email performance metrics, TREW has gained insight into what stories interest our audience, thus increasing email click through rates and engagement.


Intelligently Pursuing Business Leads

To keep our business pipeline full, we leverage HubSpot to help qualify our sales-ready leads. We do this with lead scoring - a tool in HubSpot to notify us when a lead has reached a specified activity goal, whether it’s visiting X number of web pages, downloading premium content, or opening our emails.

Once alerted, we have lead intelligence on what services are interesting to the prospect based on pages visited, content downloaded, and emails opened. This enables us to come into the sales meeting with discussion topics prepared. Armed with this intelligence, we see a successful 50% response rate from our introductory emails.

TREW + HubSpot = Love

Since joining HubSpot one year ago, we have gained valuable insight into our target audience and improved methods to reach, nurture and convert that audience, ultimately resulting in an increase in website visits and leads. We are more effective and smarter marketers of our business because of the tools and efficiencies HubSpot provides.

To learn more about HubSpot and the services TREW provides around marketing automation, visit our HubSpot Services page or watch our HubSpot Demo webinar.

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