Create Your B2B Content Marketing Plan

By Jennifer Dawkins | Account Director

Content is a critical component to any inbound marketing program. It’s how new people find your company's website, it educates prospects and compels them to complete lead forms, and it ultimately builds trust between your business and your prospects and customers.

create your b2b content marketing plan

In fact, according to 2017 recent conducted by TREW and IEEE GlobalSpec, 92 percent of engineers are more likely to do business with companies that regularly produce new and current content.

content marketing

Engineers are more likely to do business with companies that regularly product new and current content. 

Great content doesn’t just happen. It requires a sound strategy and a plan. The majority of the buyer’s journey happens before the prospect reaches out to your organization, so it’s important to carefully plan your content development, target it to your key personas, develop relevant themes, map content to each stage and engage your target audience through multiple digital marketing touch points.

Content types along the funnel

To help you out, we recorded our marketing planning 101 webinar, which guides you and your team through how to build your content plan.

In this on-demand webinar, TREW VP of Account Services Lee Chapman along with Account Director Jennifer Dawkins walk through the key stages of developing a B2B content marketing plan, targeted to meeting  objectives and with success measures to prove return on investment. You will:

  • Learn what makes content GREAT for technical audiences
  • Learn how to build a content plan
  • Access content planning tools including templates, scorecard, and a workbook

content marketing webinar

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Jennifer Dawkins

Account Director

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