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By Morgan Norris

TREW Marketing CEO, Wendy Covey, releases Content Marketing, Engineered, a new book for technical companies looking to strengthen business with content marketing available now on Amazon and

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Wendy Covey, CEO and co-founder of TREW Marketing, speaker, and podcast host, released Content Marketing, Engineered, a new book that gives engineering and technical companies the framework and guidance needed to be successful with content marketing. The book is now available on Amazon and

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Technical Companies Need Content Marketing to Build Trust and Win Business

Studies show that more than 50% of the technical buyer’s journey happens before a prospect engages directly with a salesperson. These buyers are looking to vendor/supplier websites first for educational content to help make decisions along their buying cycle. Companies who share expertise through quality content on a consistent basis are seen as trusted resources, spend less per lead, and achieve greater pipeline efficiency. With Content Marketing, Engineered, technical marketers will learn how to plan, create, and promote quality content effectively.

“Technical audiences are different. They’re more skeptical ans looking for detailed information from proven, trusted sources – a nuanced approach to this audience is critical for success. Cookie-cutter B2B marketing tactics fall short,” said Covey. “Content Marketing, Engineered guides technical marketers through a complete content marketing process that ultimately turns their company’s brand into a trusted resource, grows leads, and improves their bottom line.” 

The new book addresses strategic, overarching topics including:

  • Target audience definition
  • Corporate branding
  • Content marketing planning

The book also dives deep into the details of:

  • Setting marketing goals
  • Writing and promoting content
  • Optimizing websites
  • Effectively supporting sales
  • Measuring results

Decades of Experience, Now Available via Book and Podcast

Covey has spent more than 20 years creating and implementing successful marketing strategies for technical B2B companies, finding that a content-based marketing approach is the most influential way marketers can affect customers’ purchase and repurchase decisions. Covey wrote Content Marketing, Engineered to give technical marketers an end-to-end guide to effective content marketing. She also hosts the Content Marketing, Engineered podcast (available on all major podcast platforms), sharing marketing advice about growing a technical company with content marketing through interviews with marketing and engineering leaders.

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