Pipeline Management

Talented salespeople are highly valuable resources for your company, and you want to ensure that every hour they spend is applied in the most impactful way possible. A strong pipeline management strategy sets your sales people up to consistently sell more effectively, across the information, content, process and tools. Companies that use sales enablement best practices are 50% more likely to achieve or exceed sales quota*.

The foundation of pipeline management is to successfully engage the buyer during each stage of the buyers’ journey, a process that begins with their first interaction with your company – well before sales enters the picture. 

Marketing serves a critical role through lead generation and qualification (technical prospects complete 68% of the buyers journey before they engage with sales*) as well as sales content. Supporting technology such as HubSpot CRM and Sales provides critical buyer behavior information, manages handoffs and tasks, provides shortcuts for repetitive tasks, and supports shared KPIs.

By sales and marketing working together, you'll greatly increase your odds of meeting your revenue goals, and create one seamless experience for the prospect -- delivering value and building trust with each touchpoint. 

*Data sources:  Research report -- Marketing and Selling through the Buyers Journey; Research Report -- The State of Sales Enablement, Aberdeen Group

How can TREW Marketing support my sales team?

  • Smart Pipeline Management Workshop 
  • Buyer persona development
  • Account-based marketing campaigns
  • Content development along the buyer's journey
  • Presentation development - Powerpoint, whiteboard, video
  • Sales content - email templates, case studies, ROI studies
  • Intelligent lead nurturing workflows
  • Lead scoring
  • HubSpot CRM onboarding

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