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HubSpot Marketing for Technical Companies

HubSpot-English-Flywheel-Jul-27-2020-04-17-18-68-PMIf you know TREW, you know that we use HubSpot ourselves and often recommend it for our technical clients.

We understand that switching to a new marketing platform or CRM is a daunting task. This webinar provides an introductory view of the CRM and Marketing Hub to help you decide if HubSpot could work for your business. 

Watch this webinar demo and learn how HubSpot can automate your marketing and improve the marketing-to-sales handoff.

We will cover how HubSpot:

  1. Stores contacts and company information in a cloud-based, intuitive CRM platform
  2. Sends personalized, automated emails
  3. Collects leads using smart forms and landing pages
  4. Calculates your marketing ROI through campaigns
  5. Provides reporting on all marketing and sales efforts with customized dashboards  


Your Presenter: Andre Leonard

New Andre Headshot

Andre helps lead all things HubSpot: implementations, onboardings, trainings, and the project management of website redesigns using HubSpot's CMS. Andre enjoys helping TREW clients realize the powerful efficacy of expertly-crafted websites and marketing automation platforms.



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